Single Daria 20 y.o., from Kiev ID 413797

director (actor of theater and cinema)
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167 cm
60 kg
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(Libra 21 Oct 2003
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About Myself

I’m really very delighted to tell you more about myself and my personality, owing to the fact, that nowadays all people are different and really it’s an amazing ability to be able to communicate with new people, who come into your life and accept them ,they war they are. What’s more, don’t chase people, by you and your own thing and work hard. The right people, who belong in your life will come to you and stay with you. It’s very simple, because God and life provides you with completely different people and remember that any person who comes in your life wants to teach you something and give you a lesson. All my life, I m a big dreamer and any day of my life, I imagine myself becoming a professional director or stage-manager, as it’s really one of my biggest passion in my life! I really want to wish, that all the people in our world believe in their dreams and keep moving! Because, I’m sure, that If God brings you to it, so he will bring you through it!



Since 4 years old, I’m engaged in singing very much, and even though finished my singing school some years ago, I still keep practicing, in order to keep my knowledge. Practice makes perfect, the most important, as you practice every day at least 20 minutes a day, any subject you would love to master and in a month you will see the impressive and quick results! So, I’m also very attracted by going out and being outdoors most of the time, as fresh air makes you feel so capable and alive, that you are ready to fly in the sky! Sometimes, we have different and sometimes extremely crazy ideas in our mind, anyway- When you are absolutely sure you can’t, try again. You just might surprise yourself!


About Partner (age 30 - 70)

I’m really looking for best friend first of all, because In my opinion during a true and long-term friendship true love is growing. While you are in relationship with a man, you will take care of each other’s like true friends and gradually all your love and passion will turn into eternal beautiful feelings! I believe, that to love is nothing, to be loved is something and be loved is everything! Any piece of love which you may receive during your day is precious and a treasure so appreciates every smile and kiss.