Divorced Tatiana 37 y.o., from Minsk ID 164209

Minsk, Belarus  
Office Manager
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161 cm
55 kg
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(Virgo 12 Sep 1986
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About Myself

Hello! I am Tatiana and I came to this site to meet someone special. Perhaps it will be you? :) I can be described as a sincere and open girl with whom there is never a dull moment. My life is travel and art, which merge together to create a unique kaleidoscope of impressions. I simply love immersing myself in the world of the main art galleries of each country, because that is where I feel truly alive and inspired. Where do you get your inspiration? What brings bright colors to your everyday life?

I'm like a cat, gentle and playful, but at the same time strong and independent. My life is also filled with love for animals. I have a real zoo here! My faithful friends, the dog Patricia and the kitten Gosha, make my days even brighter and more joyful. If you love animals, then we are already halfway to understanding each other. Maybe you have furry friends too?

My charm and tenderness will give you warmth and comfort, like by the fireplace on cold winter evenings. And my playfulness and flirtatiousness will make your heart beat a little faster. Do you want to look at the world through the eyes of a flirtatious dreamer? Then let's get acquainted!



I will be happy to share my hobbies with you. A huge part of my heart belongs to travel and art, so every trip is an opportunity for me to plunge into a world of new experiences and inspiration. My first priority is always to visit the main art galleries in each country. I am sure that art is a way to understand and feel the world around us, and I am always open to new impressions and discoveries.

In addition, I appreciate femininity and beauty in all its forms. Therefore, on the weekends, I prefer to take care of my body and soul, because self-care is another way of expressing my tenderness and love for myself. Visiting the pool, sauna or spa is my way to relax and recharge my batteries for new achievements. Nothing beats the feeling of lightness and freshness after a good workout or a relaxing massage. How do you usually spend your weekend? Do you also like to take care of your body?

Another one of my favorite hobbies is yoga. They help me maintain flexibility in my body and peace of mind. I like to find a balance between spiritual and physical development. Please share your hobbies and interests. What brings you pleasure and helps you relax after a busy day at work?

If you're ready to join me in one of my hobbies or share your interests, let me know - I'm always open to meeting new people and having fun conversations!


About Partner (age 30 - 70)

I want to share with you my preferences in choosing a partner so that we can find common interests and create something magical together.

The first thing I appreciate in a man is his confidence and determination. I like men who know what they want in life and are not afraid to achieve their goals. How do you usually make decisions? What is the key to success for you?

Additionally, I am attracted to intelligence and a sense of humor. I love smart and educated men with whom I can have interesting conversations and laugh until I cry. What is the most important criterion for you in communicating with a woman?

But, of course, it is also important that the man is caring and attentive. I like men who care about their loved ones and know how to show care and attention to their companion. What is a sign of caring for your loved one for you?

If you feel that you meet my criteria or want to know more about my preferences, let me know - I'm always open to communication and meeting new people!