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(Gemini 08 Jun 1992
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About Myself

Let's start with the fact that I am a girl who is looking for herself in the world of art. For many years I have immersed myself in the world of words to create poems that caress the soul. My writing journey has led me to start writing a film script and a book, which I admit I haven't finished yet. But, you know, that's just a small part of who I am.

My inner emotions find their way into my voice as I immerse myself in the world of music. I love to sing and imitate different styles and performers. Private vocal lessons helped me discover additional talents and reach new dimensions of my musicality. If you want, you can imagine me on stage in front of an audience, carefully moving to the sound of my voice.



But this is just the beginning. Painting strengthens my connection with the world around me. In art school, I devoted a lot of time to an oil painting class, which gives me the opportunity to bring my emotions and fantasies to life on canvas. Sometimes I like to retire into my own world and draw secret dreams or pictures I saw in my dreams.

Oh yeah! Magic dream catchers. Shiny and delicate, they magically transform our nightmares into beautiful dreams. What a joy it is to spend time weaving these mysterious and enigmatic ornaments created with love and care.

My past seems to be full of adventures and extreme challenges. I was a professional athlete, a champion in Judo, but this is only one of my many sides. Ballroom, pop and folk dances helped me unleash my body and expressiveness at full speed. I have always loved movement and expression through dance, and this led me to try various energy-physical practices like yoga and dynamic Osho meditation. They give me harmony and calm in the bustle of the modern world.


About Partner (age 34 - 80)

My heart wants to find true love. A person with whom I can be one integrity, whose lips will kiss mine and whose heart will beat in unison with mine. I strive for a unification of souls that can create magic in every moment.

Here's a little piece of my intricate and unique journey. I hope it was an interesting and inspiring read. And now that you have learned a little more about my passions and ideals, maybe you too have a desire to share your world with me?