Single Isabel 35 y.o., from Miami ID 946649

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172 cm
54 kg
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(Libra 17 Oct 1988
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I am a serious woman individual driven by a sincere desire to create a lasting family. Committed and with a sense of purpose, I take pride in caring for both my physical and mental well-being, striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wisdom is a constant pursuit for me, and I approach life with a curious mind, always eager to expand my knowledge. I am a woman with a big heart.
My ultimate goal is to share a profound connection built on love, honesty, and loyalty. Trust is the cornerstone of my relationships, and I approach them with sincerity and openness. In joining this dating site, I intend to find you, my love, and embark on a journey of mutual understanding, unwavering support and shared dreams.
I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and build something beautiful together.



I do horse riding and play polo, take care of myself doing Pilates and working out to be healthy.I love traveling, for work or job gave me the opportunity to discovered many places


About Partner (age 45 - 75)

I am searching for a partner who embodies sincerity and openness, someone who is comfortable being authentic rather than striving for perfection. I appreciate ambition and diligence but not to the extent of laziness a balance between drive and a relaxed demeanor is key.
In the quest for a lasting relationship, loyalty is paramount. I long for a partner who values commitment and understands the significance of building a foundation based on trust. I believe in the beauty of open communication and a genuine sharing of emotions. Reading between the lines and unnecessary drama are not my preferences, and I hope for a partner who feels the same way.
I am drawn to someone willing to open their heart, allowing us to connect on a deeper level. If you are the type to express your feelings openly and honestly, that would be wonderful, as it fosters a better understanding between us. Together, we can navigate life without unnecessary complications.
I envision a future where we embark on shared adventures, where we support and care for each other in every aspect of life. If you, too, are seeking a meaningful connection and are ready to explore the possibilities of love on this dating site, I am eager to get to know you and see where our journey takes us.