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(Gemini 09 Jun 1998
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About Myself

Let me introduce myself! I'm Yana, but my friends affectionately call me Yanochka =) They often liken me to a doll, saying I have an undeniable cuteness. While I won't argue, I do believe true beauty lies within. Despite my petite stature, I carry myself with grace, often mistaken for younger than I am. Yet, age is merely a number in my book. What truly captivates me is a person's soul. I yearn for a partner who exudes kindness, joy, sincerity, and tenderness—a love that mirrors my own. Betrayal is my kryptonite; thus, I offer unwavering loyalty and devotion in return. Creativity flows through my veins—I find solace in drawing and singing. Embracing a wholesome lifestyle, I steer clear of any vices. As an open-hearted individual, I eagerly await the possibility of meaningful connections. Let's embark on a journey of love and companionship together!



There is always room in my life for creativity and exciting hobbies! I am inspired by the world of art and enjoy every moment spent with paper and brush. Drawing is my passion, which allows me to express my feelings and emotions in bright colors and lines. My second love is music. Singing sounds like a pure source of joy and inspiration to me. I not only immerse myself in the world of sounds, but also create my own melodies, behind which my deepest feelings are hidden. In addition, I actively maintain a healthy lifestyle: I play sports, walk in the fresh air and take care of my body and soul. But the most important thing is that my passion is my open and inquisitive attitude towards life, which allows me to discover something new and amazing every day!


About Partner (age 30 - 80)

For me, the ideal man is not just a partner, but my companion in life, my support and my joy. I dream of a man who has inner beauty, sincerity and kindness, who is able to give me his tenderness and care. It is important for me that he is sensitive and attentive, so that we can overcome all difficulties together and enjoy every moment. I'm looking for a man who shares my passion for creativity and supports me in my hobbies. He must be open to new experiences and ready to explore the world with me. It is important that there is room for trust, loyalty and mutual understanding in our relationships. I believe that the ideal man for me can be not only a lover, but also a true friend with whom we will grow and develop together.