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(Capricorn 05 Jan 1995
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I decide to start from the most important! I am looking for a person here who will be on the same page with me! I want to find someone I can trust, I mean a man for life. I believe that on this site I will meet my destiny, because men are serious here. What am I looking for? Long relationship! My life has become too gray and joyless. I've been wanting to create my profile here for a long time, but in the past I wasn’t ready to change my life. Now I'm finally ready for any changes!

I am a general nurse with the prospect of working as a surgeon. I study a lot and work part-time and I am preparing to go to practice and improve my qualifications abroad. I love my country, but I want to become an experienced doctor. Only in another country I can get the surgeon's skills necessary for me. Unfortunately, in terms of medicine, my country is very far behind other countries. Therefore, I am interested in all the programs of foreign education for a doctor and in which educational institution I will be accepted.

I'm always on the move! I have many interests and hobbies! I play the guitar and I have a magic voice. I'm happy to sing you something if you ask me! I like to dance and play sports. I'm interested in everything little by little! I have many friends, I'm always ready to help people.

I need a man to whom I will give all the love of my lonely heart. I want to become the ideal woman for my man.

I'm ready to change my life!
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Also, I would like to tell you about my main hobby! I like playing the guitar. For a long time I learned to play it and it really is, because I did not attend music school or other music courses. I'm self-taught haha. I would love to play for you my dear, if you ask. My life is full of movement and good (useful) habits. I love sports and therefore often jump on a rope in the morning. Each my new day, I try to start right. I get up, wash myself, brush my teeth and start jumping on the rope, and only after that I take a shower and cook my breakfast.
I really need such a special person like you. Dear and do not argue. When I saw your profile, I felt a spark and a lot of warmth and butterflies in the tummy. My tummy feels everything, not only when I eat, but also when I fall in love. It seems to me that I began to fall in love with you, oh. Please write me my dear! :-)


About Partner (age 40 - 80)

Dear, I want to tell you right away, I'm looking for someone I can trust. I really need a reliable, kind and caring person. I need a man for life! I do not want to communicate with you emptyly, I want the end result of our acquaintance to become our relationship. Are you ready for such responsibility as a relationship dear? Sorry that I immediately ask you this question, I just want us to understand everything (settled). I need a serious person who will take care of me. I'm not looking for endless correspondence on this site, I'm looking for a long and real relationship. I'm not here for entertainment, I'm here for a relationship! I hope I was able to convey to you what kind of person I'm looking for here. Therefore, if you are such a person, we can start our journey into our life's curtain.

I want to know so much about you dear. How long I've waited for you. It seems to me that it's been an eternity, until I met you. Do you believe that things in our world happen for a reason? That every meeting, every person, whether it's an ordinary pedestrian on the road or a seller in a store, all these meetings for a reason. There is a definite law of attraction that attracts each person to a certain energy and this energy absorbs the missing atoms that move in its orbit around the nucleus, or I call it informative atoms that supplement the missing energy of every casual person.

Yes, I'm a girl who likes to think outside science and build my own, scientific opinions and thoughts. I also think that we live in a certain dimension, where all the actions of our daily life are repeated repeatedly. Dear, you probably see every day a star in the sky? And I too see them like all people, so, I think that all these stars, something other than solar systems, where the brightest star is the sun! Our eyes and the most powerful telescopes catch only energy, from this powerful star called the sun. Our world is arranged in such a way that there is a huge number of systems and each has a certain life. I also think that after death, we find ourselves on a new system on the Planet habitual for a certain kind of race. I also believe that more developed races have learned to move from one system to another. But I also think that there is an ecumenical balance that is controlled by the universe. I want to say that every race is mortal, and this is done so that a certain civilization from all existing Galaxies and systems does not exceed the founder (the Universe).

Honey, do you agree with my thoughts? I really like to look at the stars outside the window before going to bed and think about the universe. Probably you understand, that I love science and read a lot of books. Even my main work is connected with science. By education I am a doctor and in the near future I want to become a surgeon. I study a lot and work to improve day by day. I think that my country can not give certain knowledge that is necessary for me. My country has served as a good impetus to let me know who I want to become and what I will devote to my life and for this I am infinitely grateful to it, but I can not stand in one place, I want to develop and get the highest level of knowledge abroad! I really dream of getting a foreign education and going abroad, but so far I have not decided on the strange, maybe you can help me? How well developed medicine is in your country? I want to participate in development, various innovations. I really want us to learn how to revive, dead tissue and that there are no more disabled people in the world. So we defeated the cancer and developed a way to regenerate the limbs !! I do not believe that a person can not develop a way of regeneration. And what do you think about this all my dear?