Single Elena 38 y.o., from Kiev ID 808262

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167 cm
57 kg
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(Aries 20 Apr 1985
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About Myself

I am a woman with a heart full of dreams and a spirit eager to explore. My friends describe me as a blend of creativity, kindness, and a touch of adventurousness. I'm deeply passionate about the arts, finding as much joy in a night at the theater as in a quiet afternoon painting. I love immersing myself in different cultures through travel and literature, believing that every new experience enrichs my perspective. Nature is my sanctuary, whether I'm hiking in the mountains or strolling along a beach at sunset. I value authenticity and depth in conversations, and I'm looking for someone who appreciates these qualities too. A man who is thoughtful, intelligent, and has a warm heart. Someone who enjoys deep conversations about life, loves to laugh, and isn't afraid to show his true self. If you're a man who cherishes genuine connections, values personal growth, and finds beauty in everyday moments, then perhaps we might have a story to write together.



Arts, books, travelling, yoga


About Partner (age 18 - 79)

I am seeking a man who is a harmonious blend of intellect, empathy, and strength. He should be someone who views life with curiosity and a passion for growth. A sense of humor is essential – someone who can laugh in the face of challenges and find joy in the simple things. I admire a man who values deep conversations, is open to new ideas, and respects different viewpoints. He should be compassionate and kind, showing understanding not just to those close to him but to everyone he encounters. Integrity and honesty are paramount, as trust is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship. He should appreciate the arts, have a love for nature, and enjoy exploring both the physical world and the realms of thought and emotion. I'm looking for a partner who is ready to build a genuine connection, someone who cherishes mutual respect, shared dreams, and the journey of building a life together. If you're a man who seeks depth, values meaningful connections, and is ready to explore life's wonders with a like-minded companion, we might just be the perfect match.