Single Mariia 20 y.o., from Irpin ID 728010

Irpin, Ukraine  
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153 cm
46 kg
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(Gemini 10 Jun 2003
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About Myself

I am a cheerful girl who is happy to share positivity and smiles with others. I try to see only the best and brightest in life, I like to move forward and I never look back, I like to learn new things and set goals for myself. I think it is very important to have dreams and set goals, because it is always an incentive to move forward. Our life is a movement that gives us a huge number of opportunities, from which we just need to choose our own.
I am a dreamer, I like to visualize my desires and imagine how they are realized. I am here for the reason that I consider love to be one of the most serious and powerful engines in life, this feeling can change a lot. I dream of finding my man, with whom I will be truly happy, I will feel loved and desired and always confident in the future.



Photo, sport, dance, swimming


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

The search for love in this life is a journey that many of us go on in the hope of discovering true and pure feelings. This is a search for connection, understanding and companionship. While the path to finding love may seem daunting at times, there are ways to walk it with grace and intent.
One of the key aspects of the search for love is the development of meaningful relationships. Making connections with other people allows us to explore our own emotions and understand what we really want in a partner. By engaging in open and honest communication, we can create an atmosphere of mutual understanding in which both sides feel that they are heard and appreciated.
Another important factor in finding love is loyalty to yourself. It's important to embrace our own unique qualities and values, rather than trying to fit into someone else's idea of who we should be. When we are authentic, we attract those who appreciate us for who we really are.
Patience is also crucial when it comes to finding love. Love often takes time to grow and develop into something meaningful. Hasty entry into a relationship can lead to disappointment or heartbreak, while the natural development of events allows you to establish a deeper connection based on genuine compatibility.
My dream is to find a harmonious relationship in which both people will feel happy, will be able to taste life and enjoy this road together.