Single Julia 35 y.o., from Lviv ID 725238

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(Leo 20 Aug 1988
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Now I work as a guide in my city, conducting excursions for tourists. After the start of the war, there were fewer of them, but still tourists come and are interested in the sights and history of the city. I like long and sincere conversations, I love sincere people who are not shy and not afraid to show themselves and talk about different things. Sincerity in any relationship is the key to success and mutual understanding.



My hobby is associated with something that fills me with good energy and gives me a feeling of fullness. For example: morning meditation under the smell of Palo Santo and incense (aroma sticks) is a process during which it is possible to recharge your batteries for the whole day, release all the negativity and be filled with positive)

Morning coffee alone with you, during which you can take a notebook and a pen and write, write absolutely everything, everything you want: thoughts, ideas, desires, plans, daily routine ... this all adds organization, helps to have time to do everything planned, and also adds atmospheric aesthetics in gray everyday life and takes you back to the time of the manuscript ... and this is something unusual in our time)
My love for paper, notebooks, pens and manuscripts is eternal and irrevocable :)

Reading books is a separate kind of pleasure for me, because nothing can take you to another world, as a book will. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in another life, to become a part of something great and unique, to feel a whole range of emotions and experiences... Reading books is something that cannot be described in words, because each book is a small and at the same time eternal life, having been in which you can no longer forget… )

Candle making is a hobby that I discovered relatively recently, because my love and my passion for candles is something special and truly beautiful. I love everything connected with them: smell, wax, wooden wick crackling during burning, fire, their shapes, tactile sensations... A candle is the product that adds romance, passion, thrills and at the same time gives comfort, comfort, a sense of security and light) Candlemaking is a hobby that has recently appeared in my life, but which will remain with me forever, because once you try to do what you love and what you like, and you will never be able to do it again refuse because it will captivate your heart)


About Partner (age 34 - 65)

Responsibility. (Women at any age feel confident and safe next to a responsible man)

Financial independence and independence (The prospect of living in debt, loans or parental money scares most well-formed women. And the prospect of living with parents, building a family, is generally capable of destroying a marriage)

Purposefulness. (a man should have goals in all areas of life, he knows his mission in activity and adheres to it. He is also able to decisively change plans, thereby investing in the future. And it doesn’t matter what business he has chosen. What matters is that he wants to be the best in the business).
Sense of humor (There is nothing worse than spending time with a boring man ... A subtle and appropriate, interesting joke, a well-timed anecdote or the ability to laugh at yourself is the best seasoning for any relationship)

Loyalty to yourself and your choice (When I write about loyalty, it is not about an innate quality, but about choice. This is a skill that is born in a favorable environment. A loving and contented person does not think that he is missing something A faithful person is faithful to his inner positions and decisions, but also honest to himself and to the people who are next to him.)

Respect for women and people in general (If a man behaves very politely in front of you, but breaks down on a waiter or bank employee, this is an alarm bell. Over time, such men allow themselves to be rude to their women. Seem polite after six months - a year of relationship )

The ability to adapt and make decisions in extreme situations (Here I would focus more on peace of mind and control of feelings and emotions when something does not go according to plan. For example, dismissal from work should not lead to annual depression, hard drinking and blaming everyone around you for own failures. On the contrary, it should motivate and help to reach new heights. Well, a man should always have a "plan B" in which his family will not be left on the street without food)

Caring - (The presence of previous qualities is caring. A knight who daily intellectually, physically, morally and materially fights for you and your future)