Single Maria 20 y.o., from Krivoy Rog ID 663544

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175 cm
65 kg
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(Taurus 24 Apr 2003
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About Myself

Where to look for inspiration? Well, I think that many people are asking this question and for me the answer is obvious - in love! In order to build a world around yourself, you need strength and a vision of the world, in order to exist in this world always with a smile and happiness in your soul, you need a single person close in spirit, special. And I'm here to find my soul mate. Of course, it is important to have similar views on life, plans and ideas in order to understand each other and harmoniously coexist. Honesty, kindness, openness and development are very important to me. I can say with full confidence that I am ready to give my warmth and love with inspiration and endless desire, but I need a person who will appreciate this gift and will be able to respond in kind. Many factors are important to me, but there is nothing more important than the soul and sincere feelings. I would like to enjoy every new day and live here and now, this is the right way for every person. Perhaps now you are also thinking about how to find real feelings and love, in that case - I will be happy to talk and exchange thoughts)



Ride bike, cooking, reading, drawing


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

Ah, love and feelings, what makes our hearts freeze! When it comes to true love and relationships, there's no denying that strong emotions come into play. This is the magical connection between two souls that can make us feel over the moon with happiness. I am looking for exactly such a relationship!
True love for me is finding someone who accepts me for who I am, with all the flaws. It's about building a deep connection based on trust, understanding and mutual respect. Relationships can be a roller coaster ride of emotions - from exciting ups to challenging downs.
But, hey, we all know that things aren't always smooth in love. It takes effort, compromise, and communication to make it work. Regardless of whether you are in a long-term relationship or just starting your journey to finding true love, don't forget to appreciate these special moments and accept the ups and downs along the way.
So you need to move forward and not hide your heart! Love is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Just remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the ride because you never know when cupid might strike!)