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legal assistant
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(Sagittarius 05 Dec 2004
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Each of us has probably felt sad and lonely at least once. I think that life is full of various emotions and impressions, but it is very difficult and unpleasant to experience it alone. For example, I dream of finding a man with whom I can share everything, always be myself and open my soul to him. I believe that two people should be one and always feel each other's warmth, look at life from the same angle and enjoy every new moment. Life is given to us precisely in order to be happy and give love to each other.
As for me, I am always open to sincere and honest people, I am always ready to help and support if it is in my power. I think that life will be much brighter if a loved one is nearby, if love lives in the heart. I am very sensitive and careful about such feelings and I will try to make my loved one the happiest in the world! I am sure that if our hearts beat in unison, we can be truly happy! And what do you need to be happy?



Reading, watching movies, drawing, singing


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

Finding a serious life partner is a deeply personal and important journey that many of us embark on. In the pursuit of love and meaningful relationships, it is extremely important to approach the search with sincerity, open-mindedness and understanding of our own feelings.
When looking for a life partner, I prioritize qualities such as trust, compatibility and shared values. It's not just about finding someone who makes our hearts flutter; it's about finding someone with whom I can build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.
Love and relationships are complicated, but by being honest with ourselves about what we really want and need in a partner, we increase our chances of finding that special connection. It is important to be patient in this process as well – hasty relationships based solely on fleeting feelings may not lead to the long-term self-realization that we strive for.
Finding a serious life partner means mutual respect, emotional support and joint growth. It's about creating a strong bond based on trust and understanding. By approaching this search with sincerity and an open heart, we increase our chances of finding the love we truly deserve.