Single Christina 30 y.o., from Drohobych ID 575531

Drohobych, Ukraine  
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170 cm
58 kg
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(Libra 24 Sep 1993
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About Myself

My name is Christina. I am a makeup artist and eyebrow artist from Drohobych, Ukraine. I graduated from Ivan Franko State University with a degree in foreign languages.

I love my job because it allows me to create beauty and help people feel more confident. In addition, I like to travel, spend time with friends and read books.

I dream of finding my love, opening my own business and continuing to develop. I believe that life is a constant path to self-discovery and self-improvement.

I have a dog, but he lives with my parents. I really like sports, I work out in the gym and go jogging in the evenings. I also like to travel, although unfortunately it is not always possible to go somewhere. I lived in Prague for a long time.

My parents are school teachers and city council workers. They lived together, but now the father died. I live separately. I have no brothers and sisters.

I love seafood and chicken salad. My favorite colors are red and black. I have tattoos on my leg, shoulder and shoulder blade.
I am an open and sociable person. I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures. I believe that the world is an interesting and diverse place, and I want to explore it.



Drawing is my favorite hobby. I like to create something new and beautiful. I like to draw with different techniques, but I like watercolor the most. I believe that watercolor is a very delicate and expressive material.

Makeup is my second favorite hobby. I like to experiment with different looks and create new styles. I think makeup is a great way to express yourself.

Traveling is my third favorite hobby. I like to discover new places and cultures. I believe that traveling is a great way to improve your understanding of the world.

Sports is my fourth favorite hobby. I like to do fitness and running. I believe that sports are a great way to keep yourself in good shape and improve your health.

Reading is my fifth favorite hobby. I like to read different books, from classics to modern literature. I believe that reading is a great way to improve your literacy and broaden your horizons.

I believe that hobbies are a very important part of life. They help us relax, rest and relieve stress. They also help us develop our talents and skills.


About Partner (age 20 - 80)

I would like to meet a romantic man who would be older than me. I believe that a grown man has more life experience and wisdom, and he can better understand me and my needs.

I would like my husband to be intelligent and interesting. I like to communicate with people who have a lot of knowledge and interests. I want my husband to be able to share his thoughts and ideas with me and for me to learn from him.

I would also like my husband to have pronounced masculine qualities. I want him to be strong, courageous and self-confident. I want him to be able to protect me and keep me safe.

I know that may seem like a lot to ask, but I believe that such a man exists. I keep looking for it and I hope one day I will find it.

Here are some specific traits I would like to see in my romantic partner:

He has a sense of humor. I love to laugh and I want my husband to be able to make me happy.
He is romantic. He knows how to make me feel special. He can give me flowers, write poems or just do something nice.
He is a good listener. He is attentive to my words and feelings. He is always ready to listen to me and support me.
He is a good leader. He can make decisions and lead me along.
He is a good friend. He is always there for me and I can rely on him.
I believe that these traits are important for creating a strong and happy relationship.