Single Karina 18 y.o., from Lviv ID 454047

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156 cm
60 kg
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(Virgo 25 Aug 2005
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I understand that finding a kindred spirit in our vast world is not easy and it is a great happiness. However, I also remember that there are still people who are looking for the same level of commitment and sincerity as me. By staying true to myself and remaining open to new opportunities, I will be able to increase my chances of attracting the right person into my life.) When looking for a partner, it is extremely important for me to give preference to such qualities as honesty, seriousness and kindness. These traits lay the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship built on trust and mutual respect. I believe that patience is the key to this journey towards finding love. It may take time to find the right person who matches my values and desires. So I keep faith in my search for love as an honest, serious and kind lady. The right person will enter my life at the right moment – the one who appreciates everything that makes me unique. I believe in myself and I believe that love will find its way to my doorstep soon enough.



Cooking, watching movies, drawing


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

In search of love and companionship, many people find that they need a partner who understands and shares their true feelings. For a single woman looking for a husband, the journey can be both exciting and challenging. However, with the right thinking and approach, you can find that special person who will bring joy and self-realization into their lives - I believe in it!
Love and relationships are built on the foundation of trust, respect and genuine connection. Although it may seem intimidating at times, it is extremely important to take the time to understand yourself and what a person really wants in a partner. This self-awareness allows people to navigate the dating world with clarity and intent.
For those who are looking for a husband, it is important to remember that true love takes time. Patience plays a key role when a person goes through various trials, learning from each encounter along the way. It is through this experience that people grow emotionally and gain a deeper understanding of what they are really looking for in a partner for life. I am looking for a friendly and warm relationship in which both partners will be equally happy.