Single Tatiana 26 y.o., from Lviv ID 284036

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175 cm
60 kg
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(Cancer 21 Jul 1997
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About Myself

Personal development has always attracted me, and I try to constantly develop and improve my skills and knowledge. I read books, watch educational videos and learn new things in different areas. I believe that learning is not only an important tool for career growth, but also for personal growth.

Another hobby of mine is travelling. I love to explore new places and cultures, try the local cuisine and interact with the locals. I believe that traveling helps me expand my horizons and explore the world.

In addition, I like to communicate and spend time with friends. I like to exchange thoughts and ideas, learn about each other's life and just have fun together. I believe that friends help me to be a more open and social person.

I also like to walk outdoors. I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy nature and spend time outside, especially during the warm season. I often walk in the park, on the beach or in the mountains, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In general, I try to live a busy life, and enjoy all the hobbies that I described above. I am sure that all these interests help me to be a happier and more satisfied person.



One of my hobbies is learning languages. I have a rich vocabulary and speak several languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. I love to learn about the culture and traditions of different countries and peoples, and I learn languages in order to better understand them.

Apart from that, I am also interested in cooking and drawing. I study various culinary recipes and cooking, and improve my drawing skills. I find that creative hobbies help me develop and be more creative.

I also took many courses and trainings related to photo processing and video creation. I can work with various image and video editing programs and can create high quality and beautiful content.

In general, I am very curious and always eager to learn something new. I am ready to learn new skills and abilities, and constantly improve myself.


About Partner (age 25 - 60)

When I think about my ideal partner, it is very important for me that such qualities as kindness, honesty, trust, understanding and attention are present in the relationship.

For me, kindness means that the partner will take care of me and other people, not thinking only about himself. I want us to be able to support each other in difficult times and celebrate success.

Honesty and trust are also very important qualities in a partner. I want to feel that I can fully trust my partner and know that he always tells the truth. It is important for me that we have an open and honest relationship.

Understanding is another important quality that I appreciate in a partner. I want my partner to understand me and my needs, and be able to listen and support me.

Finally, attention is a very important quality for me. I want my partner to be considerate of my feelings and emotions and take care of my well-being.

In general, I am looking for a partner who will be compatible with me in terms of interests and life values, and who will show kindness, honesty, trust, understanding and attention in relationships. I am sure that if we work together on our relationship, we can create a happy and long-term relationship.