How to flirt with a female coworker: the best tips for men

How to flirt with a female coworker

Picking up women at work sounds really spicy and seductive. We spend most of our life at offices and it's stupid to spend this time only for serious things and working tasks. Flirting makes us more energetic and productive. Sometimes some compliments and small talks turn into a romantic relationship. We will tell you how to flirt with a girl at work and what kinds of challenges you may face when flirting with your colleague.

Is picking up women at work good idea?

Picking up Women at work

Whether you want to have casual sex or you are ready for a serious relationship, picking up women at work is possible, but it takes some effort. Bear in mind that romantic relationships aren't always a good idea when it comes to your working duties.

Cons of flirting with women at work

Before reading about how to flirt with a girl at work, you should learn about some pitfalls of this action.

  • Your subordination will be failed. It's especially important if you are a boss and she has a lower position or vice versa. It's not really good to be dependent on someone. Sooner or later someone from you both will take an advantage of this relationship.
  • If you break up, you will have to maintain the communication whether you want it or not. You will have to work in the same office and see each other every day. Sometimes it's really painful, especially if you love this girl.
  • How to flirt with a female coworker and to stay a diligent specialist? It's not that easy. When we are flirting and talking, we distract ourselves from our duties. Sometimes it leads to conflicts with the boss.
  • Be ready for rumors. All your colleagues will discuss your relationship.
  • You won't have any personal space. When people live together, they spend some time separately while working. In your case you will work together as well.

Are you ready for these disadvantages? Do you still want to make a colleague fall in love with you? Then read how to flirt with a female coworker!

How to approach a girl at work: tips for colleagues

How to approach a Girl at work

How to pickup girls at work? It's not difficult if you are a gentleman and an interesting man. Let's talk about the details.

Define what you want

How to flirt with a girl at work? First, you should understand your goals. Do you want some adventures? Don't you plan anything serious? Or are you interested in a long-term relationship? Your approach will be different in all these cases. Remember that it's ok if you don't want anything serious this moment. But you should be honest with your partner. Don't hide your goals from the coworker, otherwise you won't get anything, even friendship.

Be dominant

How to flirt with a female coworker? You need to be confident and dominant. Most of women are against a relationship at work, so you will have to be initiative enough. Tell about your intentions and ask her out. Say some compliments about her appearance or body. Say you like her and you would love to be closer with her.

Being yourself is the best way

How to make a female coworker fall for you? If you want to impress her, don't pretend anyone. You don't need to be perfect, because there aren't perfect people. Act natural and show your best sides at the same time. If you have a peculiar sense of humor or strange hobbies, don't hide it. Some ladies like original guys who differ from society. If a coworker doesn't like you, you also don't need someone who are into social stereotypes.

Work on your style

How to flirt with a female coworker? First, improve your style and appearance. If you wear the same suit for several years and sometimes forget about showers, time to fix it. Buy new clothes and a nice perfume to look more attractive. Aren't you really good at grooming? Ask for an advice from your coworker! This way you will find out her preferences and will get closer at the same time.

Devote some time to her

Flirting is important if you are very busy. You will have to spend some minutes in her room or to have a launch together. Bear in mind that this adventure shouldn't affect your duties, so you will have to learn how to be more flexible.

Don't make her feel uncomfortable

How to approach a girl at work? You shouldn't flirt with her on display. It's especially actual if she isn't single. Then you will have to hide your affair. Besides, some women feel uncomfortable when other colleagues discuss them, so before flirting make sure she doesn't mind it and take care about her privacy.

Be gentleman for other ladies in your office

If you are polite with one pretty girls and other women feel your rudeness, you won't achieve your goal. Women like gentlemen, so you should be nice and charming for your coworkers. Smile and say something nice to them, open the door in front of a lady, try to be sociable even if you have a bad mood.

Be interested in her to impress

How to pickup girls at work? Ask more questions about their life and memorize the details. Be interested in her hobbies and problems. This way you will look caring and attentive enough, so her heart will melt for sure. Pay attention to her appearance. You can tell something nice about her new perfume or manicure. Women like guys who notice any single change in their style.

How to seduce a woman at work?

How to seduce a Woman at work

Seduction is an art. Even if you don't plan anything serious, a woman should be satisfied with this adventure. Don't offend her with ambiguous humor and indecent offers. If you do everything right, you both will end up in a fairytale that is full or romance and passion. Even if this fairytale will finish in several weeks, you will keep wonderful memories about this romance. How to seduce a woman at work? We will give you some tips.

Pay attention to your self-development

Women like smart and intelligent guys who know about everything. Read a lot, watch new movies and try new hobbies. This way you will be always popular among the opposite sex. Follow her interests. If she is good at playing chess or knows a lot about history, you will have to share these hobbies to charm her.

A seductive perfume matters

Many women love with not only their ears, but also with their nose. Choose a nice and not very strong perfume to attract your coworker. Don't forget about hygiene. A good smell is very important for a sexual relationship.

Make exquisite compliments

How to make a female coworker fall for you? Your compliments shouldn't be banal nor vulgar. Say something nice about her skin or dress. If she is a diligent worker, praise her and emphasize it.

Spend more time in a private place

You can visit her if she works in a separate room or ask her out and offer to have a launch together. Don't be too intrusive and at the same time show your interest.

Show you are a good lover

How to seduce a woman at work? Most of girls love sex even if they don't admit it. Let her know her pleasure is very important for you. Don't forget about long foreplays and some experiments if she doesn't mind. Sex on the working place is controversial but if you want to spice up the atmosphere, you can try it! Just make sure your colleagues won't notice anything.

Discuss the boundaries

Some women don't mind to flirt at work but they aren't ready to go further. In this case you need to discuss everything about your relationship. If she want just to have a small talk or romantic correspondence, you should respect this desire.

Save privacy

How to flirt with a female coworker if she is married or has a boyfriend? In this case you should be very careful unless you want to get problems. Keep the privacy and hide your affair from your colleagues. Watch your text messages and don't do anything that will make her feel uncomfortable.

How to talk to a girl at work

How to talk to a Girl at work

Talking with women in a romantic way isn't that easy, since some of them are quite demanding. When it comes to working relationships everything is even more complicated. If you are an introvert, it will be hard to approach a colleague, but everything is possible if you are a nice and awesome man. We will give you some recommendations that will help you to build a relationship or just to have fun while communicating with pretty girls.

  • How to talk to a girl at work? Do it regularly if you want to make friends at least. If you keep silence all the time and don't take the initiative, she might think you aren't interested in her. Say hello every day and wish her the productive day every morning.
  • Try to spend with her as much time as possible. Of course, it's not that easy since you both work, but you can have a break with your colleague or walk together after work. Give her a ride after your working day, she will be grateful and you can talk to her. If you do it every day, you will get closer sooner or later.
  • Learn about small talks. You don't have to have a meaningful conversation but small talks are necessary if you want to get a good impression about your personality. You can discuss some news or talk about the weather. Invite your coworker to the cinema to discuss a movie after that.
  • A good sense of humor matters. If you know how to joke, she will fall in love with you immediately. Women like guys who are able to make them laugh. Bear in mind that your humor shouldn't be vulgar nor too complicated.
  • You can always discuss your work. How to flirt with a female coworker? If you both are in love with your work, you will always have some subjects to discuss. Talk about your bosses and new projects, sometimes it's really interesting and it will give you a reason to stay around your pretty colleague a bit longer.
  • Chat with her online. If you are timid, it will be hard to play a charming man in reality. But you can do it online! Women like men who can impress their thoughts literately. Write her some compliments and wishes. This way you can talk with each other even after work. When you get close enough, ask her out and see her reaction.
  • Don't make rumors. Discussing other colleagues sounds very seductive, but it's not very ethical. One day everything will be clear and you will get some enemies. Don't ruin the friendship with other coworkers for another girl.
  • Don't be intrusive. Some women are very serious and strict and it's ok if they don't tend to flirt. You should respect their desires and keep a distance. If she says no, stop flirting and talk about working things only. Who knows, maybe one day she will change her opinion and you can try again.
  • Wait for her initiative. If you count on a long-term relationship, her participation is important as well. Don't write her first all the time. You can disappear for several days for checking her reaction. If she doesn't text or call you, she is definitely not interested in you.
  • Participate in teambuilding and other informal events. Be active and organize something yourself. It's a good chance to get to know each other better and to keep communication after work.

Signs your female coworker is interested in you

Flirt with a female coworker

How to flirt with a female coworker? Make sure she is interested in your person and that she doesn't mind your initiative. There are some signs that will help you to understand it.

She keep an eye-contact

It's a clear sign of her interest. This way she invites you for a conversation. At the same time, some shy girls don't like to look into people's eyes, so if she turns away her glance every time and blushes, she definitely likes you but she is too timid to admit it.

She wants to spend with you more time

You talk every time you have a free minute and she doesn't mind you give her a ride after work. If she avoids your company, she definitely doesn't want to flirt and it's better to leave her alone in this case.

She makes compliments

How to flirt with a female coworker? You both can say nice words to each other. If she says you look good today or you did a good job, she might be interested in you. But bear in mind some women are polite and friendly and they are used to make compliments to everyone.

She tries to touch you

These are socially acceptable touches of course. She can hold your hand or touch your shoulder, removing some piece of dust or hairs. If she is open enough, she can even kiss your cheek, so it will look really cute. When we are in love, we want to touch this person every time, so you can take the initiative and bring up romantic subjects.

She protects you in front of your colleagues or bosses

We can't be perfect workers and sometimes we make mistakes. If your female coworker tries to protects you, she definitely has some warm feelings to you. Be grateful for this attitude and try to get to know her better.

She makes nice gifts

Of course, she will barely give you something expensive. But you can count on sandwiches with coffee, homemade pie or some tasty food she will bring from home specially for you. If a coworker likes you, she will try to please you every time.

She writes you first

When a person is in love, they try to be in touch with the object of their passion. Did she wish you good morning by text messages? She is flirting with you this way.

She tells you about her sympathy

Of course, it's quite an unusual situation. But some women are brave and open enough to admit their feelings. If she asks you out, don't reject her and meet with your pretty coworker after the working day. Even if you can't have a romantic relationship, you can get a new friend at least.

Is it possible to have a serious relationship with your workmate?

How to flirt with a Girl at work

Sometimes flirting means flirting only and you both don't have anything intimate. Some compliments and nice words aren't forbidden, they help us to fresh up the day and to feel desirable.

Sometimes when you are flirting with your colleague, it leads to passion and a sexual desire. Then you can count on a casual affair that will spice up your daily routine. But be careful in this case. You shouldn't offend your pretty coworker and if you don't want anything serious, better not hide your intention.

And sometimes compliments and romantic chats leads to a long-term relationship or even to a marriage. It's not bad to spend all the time together, but if you work in the same office, make sure you will have enough personal space. Sometimes it's useful to have a rest from each other and to devote some time to your own hobbies and interests.

The conclusion

Thus, picking up women at work is possible, but sometimes it leads to negative things. If you want to have a relationship with your colleague, weight all pros and cons and start being initiative to win her heart. At the beginning you can flirt only and if she doesn't mind it, you can keep this interaction in an informal atmosphere.

Don't be upset if your coworker doesn't want to have this relationship. You can always try with another girl. On our website you will find a lot of charming and sociable women who are ready for a long-term relationship.

Last update: 11/10/2023