Single Tatyana 27 y.o., from Odessa ID 995747

Makeup stylist
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168 cm
54 kg
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(Scorpio 19 Nov 1996
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About Myself

a talented makeup stylist, exudes a captivating aura of beauty, creativity, and expertise that sets me apart in the world of glamour. From the moment you encounter me, my magnetic presence commands attention. my striking features, accentuated by my impeccable makeup application, serve as a living testament to my mastery of the craft. my expressive eyes, adorned with perfectly blended shades, reflect my deep passion and innate understanding of the transformative power of makeup. my flawless complexion acts as a seamless canvas for my artistry, showcasing my ability to enhance natural beauty with precision and finesse. The best features of a woman are not limited to her physical appearance but encompass a multifaceted blend of qualities that make her truly extraordinary. About me, my character I am a positive and optimistic person. I always know that everything will be better than it is now. We always take everything very literally, we need to take everything much easier. I can share my experience of being an optimist in life. I am looking for a sincere and romantic man on this dating site. I am sure that this will happen in the near future.



I admire the beauty of people. I like to make other girls beautiful. Since childhood I have been interested in cosmetics and fashion. Now I understand that the real beauty lies within. And only interesting personalities make us unusual and unique. That's why I love to read and learn new things about life.


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

i am here to find a remarkable man who resonates with your unique desires and aspirations. The man who possesses a captivating blend of qualities that complement your own, creating a deep and meaningful connection.Physically, I envision a man who embodies a captivating presence. His features are striking, his gaze intense, and his smile radiant. Whether it's his expressive eyes that hold a hint of mischief or his strong, confident posture, his appearance captivates my attention and stirs a sense of attraction. His style is a reflection of his individuality, effortlessly blending a touch of sophistication with a hint of casual charm. Beyond his physical attributes, the man I desire possesses a profound depth of character. He has a strong sense of self and is in tune with his emotions, allowing him to be vulnerable and authentic. He is secure in his own identity and appreciates the unique qualities that make me who I am. His words and actions demonstrate a genuine understanding and respect for my dreams, aspirations, and boundaries.