Divorced Ewa 37 y.o., from Warsaw ID 948743

Warsaw, Poland  
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166 cm
55 kg
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(Aries 05 Apr 1987
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About Myself

I am a very cheerful and positive girl. I always like to come out of any situation with a smile. I don't like to quarrel. I don't like it when people swear and yell at each other. It seems to me that the right way will always be to sit down and discuss everything and end there. I like walking in beautiful parks, but I don't like going to noisy clubs and parties. I love to cook very much, but I honestly do not always succeed. I hope that my future man will not scold me too much for the fact that sometimes I can oversalt some dish haha. For me, how I look and how my figure looks is very important, so I constantly go in for sports, and I am also very fond of dancing, which helps me keep my figure in shape. Briefly about me kind, positive, reliable, I never cheat on myself or the people who surround me.



I have a few magnifications that are essential for me. One of them is dancing. From the age of 5, my parents sent me to dance school, and I realized that this is what I really fell in love with. I am still dancing and I already know the techniques of several types of dances. I like hot spanish dances the most. I also have a new hobby, which is cooking. I found myself in that I love to bleed different cakes and pastries. So if a man likes sweets, I think we will become friends, ha ha. And most importantly, probably my favorite hobby. Which I don't have yet. It's spending time with the person I love.


About Partner (age 20 - 70)

The first thing I want to say is that a man should not try to bribe me with his opportunities and money. I did not come here to find myself a man who should provide for me or support me. I don't like it, I'll never be a kept woman. I am a woman with her own will, who is used to achieving everything herself. Therefore, I need a man who will be kind, sympathetic, faithful and who can love me. A man must necessarily be older than me, because I believe that age is, first of all, wisdom. I want my man to be much smarter than myself. Regarding appearance, I have no special wishes, because the appearance of people changes every year. It's just a shell that you shouldn't pay attention to.