Single Lana 21 y.o., from Miami ID 674778

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170 cm
56 kg
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(Capricorn 17 Jan 2003
Level of English

About Myself

I always strive to be kind and caring to the people around me. My nature is gentle and soft, and I try to bring joy and smiles into the lives of others.

My femininity is evident in every movement and every little detail of my image. I appreciate elegance and grace, and try to look beautiful in every situation. My feminine personality traits are revealed in my gentleness, tolerance and listening skills.

I believe in the power of love and know how to give it unconditionally. I am always ready to support and understand people close to me. I try to create a warm and cozy atmosphere around me, where everyone can feel accepted and loved.

There is always hope and optimism in my heart. I can find positive moments in any situation and see beauty in simple things. My attention to detail helps me enjoy the moments and appreciate each day.

My kindness and caring permeate everything I do. I love to share my joy and support loved ones in difficult moments. My tenderness and care become a source of warmth and comfort to all who are around me.

I believe that there is too little tenderness and kindness in the world, and I try to bring these qualities into the lives of others. Being who I am, I hope to inspire those around me to have more kindness, love and beautiful moments.

After all, the greatest power lies in tenderness, and I am happy to be the one who brings it into the world.



My time comes alive when I immerse myself in my favorite hobbies. One of them is traveling. I love exploring new places, meeting different people and immersing myself in diverse cultures. Every trip is an adventure for me and I enjoy every moment, discovering new parts of the world.

Another hobby that gives me great pleasure is walking in the parks. I love feeling the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of nature and just relaxing surrounded by greenery. Every walk becomes a little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a chance to enjoy the moment.

Music is my second world. I love listening to different genres and artists, depending on my mood. Music helps me relax, inspires me, lifts my spirits and transports me to other emotional states. Without it, my life would not be complete.

Reading is another passion that I can't ignore. I find satisfaction and knowledge in the world of books. When I read, I immerse myself in other stories, learn new ideas, and expand my horizons. Books open up many worlds to me and bring inexpressible joy.

These hobbies fill my life with meaning and joy. They allow me to get closer to myself, enjoy beautiful moments, and discover new horizons. Each one is an indispensable part of me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do something that inspires me so much.


About Partner (age 20 - 80)

When I imagine my ideal partner, I see someone with special character traits that make me admire and feel warm in my heart. I dream of meeting someone who will be my friend, support and reliable support in all life situations.

Above all, I would like my partner to be a sincere and kind person. A person who has a great heart, capable of showing compassion and understanding to others. I value a sense of empathy and the ability to see beauty in the world and in people.

I am looking for a partner who has resilience and determination. A person who is willing to overcome challenges and overcome obstacles with me. Thinking about a partner who doesn't give up in the face of difficulties inspires me and gives me confidence that together we can cope with any adversity.

Finally, I look for humor and lightness in my partner. It is important to have the ability to laugh together, to find joy in small things and to create a pleasant atmosphere in our lives. The ability to smile and share positive emotions gives us strength and helps us cope with everyday stresses.

These are just a few traits that I appreciate and hope to find in my future partner. I understand that each person is unique and has different characteristics, but it is important that we can create a harmonious bond based on mutual understanding, love and respect.