Single Maria 29 y.o., from Buenos Aires ID 568278

Buenos Aires, Argentina  
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167 cm
50 kg
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(Gemini 21 May 1995
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About Myself

I am an advanced English speaking nutritionist living in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My profession not only brings me pleasure, but also helps other people live healthy and balanced lives.

I am a Catholic and adhere to my religious beliefs. In my free time, I like to go to the gym to take care of my health and fitness. Regular exercise helps me feel strong and energetic.

Red roses have a special place on my list of favorite colors. I love watching their beauty and enjoying their scent. I have traveled to Chile and Uruguay, but I dream of visiting such beautiful places as Spain and Italy. There is a place in my life for the love of animals, and I am the proud owner of a dog that brings me joy and loyalty. As a movie fan, my favorite character is Wonder Woman, a symbol of strength, confidence and the fight for justice.



Time spent in the gym is like a ritual for me that helps me start the day with new energy and optimism. I enjoy every minute of training, striving to improve myself and achieve new goals. In the gym I find not only physical satisfaction, but also psychological: playing sports helps me relieve stress, relax after a hard day and get into a positive mood. In addition, I believe that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise not only promote physical health, but also improve emotional and mental well-being.

Besides going to the gym, another of my favorite activities is cooking. This is not just a hobby for me, but a real art in which I find joy and creative satisfaction. Experimenting with new recipes, discovering new tastes and creating dishes that please both the eye and the stomach is a real pleasure for me. I love experimenting with different ingredients, playing with flavors and creating real culinary masterpieces with which I delight my family and friends. When I cook, I feel like an artist creating a work of art that brings joy and satisfaction not only to me, but also to those who enjoy my dishes.


About Partner (age 30 - 80)

I'm looking for a partner who values ​​a healthy lifestyle and physical activity as much as I do. Age doesn’t really matter to me, it’s important that a person is open to new experiences and willing to share his interests and passions. I would like to meet a person who knows how to appreciate the simple joys of life, has a sense of humor and is ready to support me in my aspirations and achievements. I believe that true love does not depend on age and finds us in the most unexpected moments, so I am open to meeting different people and ready to open my heart to someone who will be ready to accept me for who I am.