Single Maria 42 y.o., from Dnepr ID 506211

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172 cm
56 kg
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(Pisces 20 Feb 1982
Level of English

About Myself

I have no children, no husband, so my life now is work and time with my mom, my brother and his family. We are very close to each other and help each other whenever it is needed. But I feel lonely in the evenings when life goes calm and I'm alone home. I would love to have a family on my own. To share my love and care I have, my skills and laughter with a special person I hope to meet soon.
I believe that people can be changed by deep and sincere feelings. I would love to blossom for my man because of his attention and compliments. I would love to learn how to cook his favorite dishes and spoil him in many possible ways. Because this is what you do in a family. You take care of each other and share all you have with this person.



I like to be healthy, to look and feel good. Because when nothing bothers us, we can be happy and good to everybody. So it is important to have many years of happiness on our planet.
So I like going to gym and sauna, do exercises, eat healthy food. On Sunday if we can, our family gather together or I may do shopping or some house chores.
I like reading, going to the concerts and theaters, being in a new place already has some charm in it and it makes like full and exciting!
My main dream is to meet a man who would love me and would be happy to see in my eyes, in every my move, in every my deed, how mutual it is from my side.


About Partner (age 38 - 75)

I do not believe that there are perfect people in our world. It's just some people who fit each other perfectly. I would like to meet a man, with whom all would feel natural and easy.
I do not like arguing, so I appreciate it when a man is mature and can discuss the issues if we have some and compromise.
It would be great for him to have a sense of humor and be caring, interesting, supportive. The ability to hear your beloved and make the life of each other better and happier - those are very important to me in relationships.
From my side, I would do the same or some other ways to show my man how much I wish him to be happy with me too.
In a family, we all do what we can so things could work out between us. This is now only my or his responsibility. It is all about both of us.