Single Elizaveta 18 y.o., from Lviv ID 304980

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170 cm
62 kg
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(Scorpio 17 Nov 2005
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About Myself

I am sincerely pleased to have the opportunity to be here and have a great chance to find my soulmate! There are a huge number of interesting, exciting and enjoyable activities and opportunities in life, but it is extremely sad to do it all alone. Personally, it will be much more pleasant for me to do everything together with my man. I am ready to search and go forward, I am ready to do various things and please my man, I think it is very pleasant to go through life together. I am a girl with fire in my heart - I like to dance, visit new places, learn new things and just enjoy every new day of life. It is important for me to always feel the taste of life, move forward and not stand in one place. When there is a loved one nearby, there is much more strength for everything, it is much more pleasant to move forward together, and if you feel this too, I am sure that we should definitely talk and exchange thoughts. In fact, it is a great success to meet a person with whom mutual understanding arises and it is so easy to find a common language.
I am glad to have a new communication and a new step in life, because I expect a man with whom we can realize all this together.



Horse riding, dance, reading books


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, the search for true love and harmony remains my most important incentive. Relationships are the foundation of our emotional well-being, providing us with a sense of belonging, support and self-fulfillment.
Love is a complex tapestry of emotions that transcends boundaries and defies logic. It is an inexplicable force that binds two souls together, creating a deep bond based on trust, respect and understanding. The search for true love is often accompanied by many feelings - excitement, vulnerability, hope, and sometimes even heartache.
In our quest for true love and harmony, we are looking for friendships that go beyond superficiality. We yearn for someone who sees us as we really are-with flaws and everything else-but at the same time loves us unconditionally. Such love brings comfort to our hearts and allows us to be ourselves, without fear and condemnation.
Harmony in relationships is no less important. It includes open communication, compromise, empathy and shared values. Although the path to finding true love and harmony may not always be smooth, it is certainly worth striving for and I am ready for it, because love is very important to me!
So let's go together on this wonderful journey that will lead us to true love and lasting harmony in our relationship.