Single Anastasia 28 y.o., from Kiev ID 270020

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165 cm
48 kg
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(Leo 16 Aug 1995
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About Myself

I am a single and serious woman who came on the best dating site to meet a single, serious man. Online dating service helps to meet lots of people , and I want to be among them. I am an easy going person, who enjoys this life, traveling, discovering new places, fashion clothes and appreciates natural beauty. I enjoy sporty life style and always keep my body and life in a good shape. I am not afraid of new meetings, of unexpected trips and always do my best in everything. I perceive people as they are, and not build illusions about a prince on a white horse or a millionaire. I look more at the inner and spiritual world because he paints a person, as well as and his actions. I do not judge a person by what he says, or how he looks, but I pay attention to his actions. I never condemn anyone, simply because I have no moral right to it. Each person has different sides: both bad and good. First of all, you need to look at yourself, because there is something to be proud of, and some qualities are very controversial. So in every other person, there is something beautiful and kind, and there is something not very pleasant. And only a combination of all these properties makes each one unique. If you understand this point of view, believe in it, then it will be easier to communicate with people. I do not like conflicts and I think that you can solve everything without arguing and prove your point of view but just wait and listen and then analyze it together and everything will fall into place. I can describe myself like a very sincere woman, maybe its not the best quality, but I can not lie looking into the eyes of my partner!



I have many interests. I love dancing, listening to music and playing sports. I love photography. Sometimes I like to go to the forest and enjoy nature, I like to spend my free time with my family, I like to cook delicious meals and travel. I love experimenting with food.


About Partner (age 19 - 80)

I am looking for a brave man, single seeking for a Ukrainian Bride on the best online dating site where singles could find love. I came on the dating site for singles, first because i do believe in love on the distance and I know about international marriages, this is a long way but it brings good results to people. so what kind of Man I am looking for and whom i see as my future partner.Reliable, honest, faithful. Loving and beloved. Capable of acting. Caring and gentle. This is the one who has a heartache when his woman is ill. The one for which a woman is ready for fire and water ... Because he is the most real and strong. A strong man is not the one who shows his muscles to impress the girl with whom he will go on a date and will never see again. This is not the one who restrains his tears because he is afraid of appearing weak. A strong man is one who lets himself cry before a woman he loves. The one who shares his feelings, even if it's hard. Even if his whole life was taught to suppress them and restrain them. He will not restrain emotions because a strong man can trust, can love and not be afraid of it. I am looking for a man who has enough manliness to capture my heart. Who knows how to make his woman smile, who will make her eyes light with rays of happiness.