Single Marina 32 y.o., from Kiev ID 269738

millionaire's personal assistant
Marital Status
164 cm
47 kg
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Body Type
(Aquarius 31 Jan 1992
On Occasions
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About Myself

I am a young girl and do not currently plan to have children. However, in the future, when a partner appears, my preferences may change.
When it comes to my look, my favorite color scheme is blue. I find it refreshing and soothing.
Regarding smoking, I prefer to use electronic cigarettes depending on my mood. They allow me to satisfy my desire to smoke without negative health effects.
As for alcohol, I consume it only delicious on holidays. I appreciate quality drinks and enjoy them on special occasions.
The scope of my activity is connected with the work of a personal assistant to a millionaire. I assist with case management, scheduling and other aspects of my employer's life.
My profession is a marketer and PR specialist in the field of B2B (business partnership). I have a master's degree in business economics and both of my diplomas are with honors.



I just love trying new experiences and expanding my horizons. My curiosity never dries up and I am always ready to dive into various exciting activities.

I show my creative nature through pottery, creating unique clay products. I like to feel the clay in my hands and see how it turns into beautiful shapes.

Acrobatics is my favorite hobby where I enjoy freedom of movement and improve the flexibility and strength of my body.

Golf has become a way for me to relax and enjoy nature while playing this elegant outdoor game.

I also like to visit wineries where I can get to know the process of wine production and enjoy its various flavors.

Rafting, snowboarding and horseback riding are my adventurous passions. I enjoy the adrenaline and freedom that these types of activities bring.

In general, I am always ready to open up to new possibilities and experience new experiences. My life is a constant adventure where I strive to grow and develop while enjoying all that the world has to offer.


About Partner (age 30 - 65)

Right now I just need a man in my life. I sincerely strive to find a partner with whom I can share my life and create a deep emotional connection.