Single Anastasia 32 y.o., from Kiev ID 263930

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167 cm
48 kg
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(Taurus 24 Apr 1992
Level of English
Don't Speak

About Myself

I am an honest, kind and loving girl who wants to be happy and make the man next to her even happier. 💗 If you feel sad, I will definitely cheer you up. If you have a playful mood, I will share it with you. If you are joyful, I will multiply your joy five times. If you want to try something new, I will support you and do it with you! If you want to be alone with your thoughts, I will give you time to think. If you get sick, I will put on a nurse costume and start treating you effectively! And if you misbehave, I will have to put on a police uniform and punish you properly. 🔥 If you want to go fishing with your friends, I will collect fishing rods and fishing gear for you. If you want to watch football every Friday, then I will prepare snacks for us to watch. If you want to hug me and never let go again, I will dutifully stay in your warm, tender, sensual embrace, like a small fluffy kitten. I think this is the most wonderful feeling that can be in the world! Do you agree with me? 💕



I like to develop my body and mind. I develop my body with daily sports exercises. I love to do squats, because they are extremely useful for the beauty of my body. I used to develop my mind by reading books. I like different genres of books depending on my mood. I like to read romantic books when I feel lonely and miss the presence of a strong man next to me. ❤️ I choose adventure when I am sick and do not leave the house. I like science fiction when my mind is full of crazy ideas. I can read horror when I lack thrills. I can even take an adult book off the shelf if I have a huge lack of body contact. 🔥What genre of book do you think I am reading now? I will give you a hint - I am missing body contact.
For some reason, everyone thinks that model girls are stupid. But I am real proof that the beauty of a girl does not prevent her from being smart too! Ready to check it out? Then I look forward to your message. 💕


About Partner (age 30 - 65)

I am not looking for the perfect man. Ideals do not exist. I am not perfect either. I think that the ideal is invented so that people doubt themselves and try to become a fake for someone. ❤️ I do not want you to try to be better than you are. I do not like lies and falsehood. Just stay as you are and I will gladly accept all your shortcomings. I am sure that if I love you, then I will love you with all your positive and negative sides! 💋
I believe that there are no perfect people. There are people who are made for each other. And I am sure that somewhere there is a caring loving man who is ready to give me all his love and who is not averse to reading an adult book together or writing our own romantic passionate story full of unexpected and bright twists of fate. For me, height, weight, age or other external qualities are not important. I care about the inner world of my partner. 💕