Risk Notice

  1. Our Company is more than ten years in the market for online services. Every User of Our Website and every potential Client deserves enough attention to stay protected from unwanted risks. Online dating can be dangerous. The list of potential threats includes:

    • Identity theft;
    • Unsolicited advertising;
    • Threats, insults, or mean attitude of the Users;
    • Scamming.

    As soon as We cannot exclude the risks completely, We want to warn Our Clients about the potential danger and urge them to be careful and attentive to avoid inconveniences and threatening situations.

    Take Your time and study the Risks Notice section because it will help You take the right decisions in situations that can affect Your emotional, psychological, and physical health. Although, we are doing our best to mitigate and limit the risk by introducing different compliance and checking procedures for the Suppliers, we shall not be held responsible in case any of the practices listed in this Risks Notice take place during your use of the Website. Please, be alert.


    Our Company is NOT a marriage agency/broker but an online platform for communication. Our services do not include searching for a wife, assistance in creating a family, organization of personal meeting with other Members and the like. We do not register Members on our Website by ourselves but only provide communication services. In view of the above please be aware of the following:

    We do not help men search for wives, and We are not trying to assist You in creating a family. We also never get involved in the process of communication between the Users. We do not register Admitted Members on our Website.

    There's a list of things You should be aware of before You proceed with the registration on Our Website and communication with Our Members:

    • We do not bear any responsibility for the behaviour of any of the Members of Our Website no matter whether You communicate via the Website or offline;
    • We want to inform You that any User You are interested in is free to shut down Your communication at any moment;
    • Every Member of the Website is free to delete the account anytime;
    • You will not be able to get in contact with every User You might want – there are restrictions You will have to follow for the sake of protection of the Users;
    • The Company does not guarantee and bears no responsibility for the correctness of any information in Member's profile, including but not limited to family or relationship status, and the trustworthiness of information provided to you during communication with any Member;
    • The Company also does not guarantee the correctness of contact details provided by Admitted Members;
    • While using the Services you communicate with real people, you assume and accept the possibility of being insulted, cheated, humiliated or being offended otherwise. If you are a sensitive person we recommend you to refrain from using the Website;
    • Ignore Our Service in case if You are a sensitive person unable to ignore the inadequate reactions of Our Website's Users;
    • You'll have to accept the fact that You can be insulted in the process of online communication with Our Users because We are not responsible for their behaviour;
    • Keep in mind that some of Our Users may violate Our rules of communication and use forbidden content while interacting with You;
    • If You find a User's behaviour inappropriate, notify Us immediately so that We can take legal measures;
    • Video streamed in the process of webcam communication may be prerecorded, which We cannot detect at once;
    • You may be asked by a Member for material or financial assistance. Please, never do this! We strictly prohibit to provide other Members with any material or financial assistance.

    Our Company tries hard to exclude the risks, but there are circumstances that We cannot control all the time. We minimize the risks regularly scanning the profiles of the Users. Our management acts appropriately against those Members who ignore the rules mentioned in Our Terms and Conditions. Nevertheless, You should admit that We cannot be responsible for the situations emerging in the process of communication. Notify Us in case if some of the Users seem suspicious or dangerous to You.


    Members of our Website might use the services of translators to assist with overcoming the language barrier in communication with other Members. This means that in some cases a translator could be writing and sending messages on behalf of a Member.

    Note that the translator's gender will not always be the same as the gender of the User You're contacting with. Moreover, Admitted Members might use the services of translators offered by their referring Suppliers.

    Since we use a Revenue Sharing business model (see Revenue Sharing), our Suppliers might induce their staff translators and/or Admitted Members to communicate with you in a way that would increase your spendings on our Website.

    We are taking steps to reduce the risk that our Suppliers' translators will ever communicate on behalf of (or impersonate) any of the Admitted Members without first disclosing this to you. However, we shall not be held responsible in case any such practice takes place during your use of the Website.

    All the risks described herein are inherent. The Company does its best to limit the risks, however, it can not guarantee that such risks will not materialize. The Company bears no responsibility should any of the risks materialize except as expressly provided in the Terms and our Refund Policy. Should you encounter with any of the foregoing, please report the issue to our support service at [email protected] in order we could take all appropriate measures against the breaching Member.


    In order to provide our Services to you via the Website, we are working with independent service providers ('Suppliers') - marriage and dating agencies or alike. Admitted Members who are interested in dating services apply to such Suppliers. Therefore, we may be interested in cooperating with such Suppliers and ask them to refer Admitted Members to our Website for registration.

    The Suppliers, including but not limited to:

    • Act as introducers, that is, refer Admitted Members for registration on our Website ('Admitted Members');
    • Provide all personal information including the photos and identification documents within the limits of Terms and Conditions of the Website;
    • Receive the gifts sent by You via the Website;
    • Receive the official paperwork from the Admitted Members if needed.

    Find out more about the Admitted Members from Our online staff members. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for accuracy, completeness or authenticity of information provided in profiles of all members including Validated Members. That is why you are strongly advised to take all the information related to Website Members with a grain of salt.


    We pay fees to the Suppliers, which is typical for online resources like Ours. This is called "Revenue Sharing" – a payment the Supplier receives for the time Our Client spends on the Website. This is done to boost competitiveness.

    The more time the Admitted Member spends on Our Website, the more revenue a Supplier will get. This is very convenient for the Supplier, but it may result in inconveniences and unpleasant situations.

    Unfortunately, the Revenue Sharing process may provoke the situations when the Suppliers initiate communication Admitted Members with the Our Client to increase their income. Be aware of intrusive potential partners trying to keep Your attention longer than You need. Make sure You're not cheated on.



    The Supplier aims to increase Your activity on Our Website and hold Your attention for as long as it is possible. In particular, a Supplier might:

    • Share Fees with Admitted Members with whom you are communicating ('Incentivized Communication') and/or instruct the Admitted Members' translators or other employees of the Supplier to communicate with you on behalf of the Admitted Members without the participation or knowledge of the Admitted Members, and without disclosing this to you ('Impersonation').

    The things mentioned above mean that You might experience certain risks while using Our Website, as well as the similar online social platforms:

    • A person You're communicating with might have a purely materialistic attitude to life and communication with people in general;
    • A person You're interested in may have nothing in common with the personality You observe in the profile.

    We are doing whatever possible to improve the functionality of Our Service and protect its Members from unwanted conflicts and inconveniences. Nevertheless, You should also be cautious in case if the behaviour of one of Our Users seems suspicious to You. Don't get involved in communication with a person who appears unreliable to You. Let Us know in case if something provokes hesitations.

    By using Our Website, You agree that We are not responsible for the initiation of conflicts and other unpleasant circumstances caused by the improper behaviour of the Users.

Last Updated: 01/10/2019