Single Margarita 32 y.o., from Kharkov ID 322079

Owner of a child psychology clinic
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164 cm
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(Taurus 15 May 1992
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About Myself

The girl you're looking at is on fire! Yes, such an unusual acquaintance :) I think all my photographs speak for themselves: I am a girl with a character similar to a queen. That is why my soul has been open to everything fairy-tale and medieval since childhood. Probably, children's fairy tales greatly influenced me... just kidding :) There is a fire burning inside me, I always feed it with love, kindness and beauty.
I dream of visiting all the ancient cities and all the castles in the world



I am currently studying child psychology and helping to understand children. All my friends and acquaintances believed that it is easy for psychologists to understand children, but no one could imagine that children actually need to be very careful, because one inadvertent act can ruin everything and damage the child's mind. From my childhood to the end of my youth I was involved in dance.
Admiration for others and being in the spotlight from an early age teaches us correct behavior in society, but also teaches us to love and respect ourselves and defend our place in the sun. At the same time, dance teaches you to be responsible and make decisions quickly. Because when hundreds of pairs of eyes are focused on you, every little action has consequences. This attentive approach to everything in dance carries over into everyday life as well. Dance is a story, a small life. Dance consists of words, gestures and emotions.


About Partner (age 30 - 75)

My profession is directly related to my character, to my inner world. That is why I look for relationships like those in children's fairy tales, where the king adores and loves his queen, and together they are ready to go through all the trials that fate has brought upon them. In such a man I look for support, strength, the ability to take responsibility and keep promises. Next to such a man, I am ready to open up completely, to withstand all the storms and bad weather with him. Over time, I realized that appearance plays a secondary role, since something completely different is important to me in a man. But I am not one of those who only asks and does not give, I am also ready to give all of myself for harmony, love, loyalty, sensuality.