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  1. Our Company (“We," "Us,” and “Our”) profoundly cares about the safety of its Users ("Members," "Clients," “You,” and “Your”), as well as about the security of their private information. The Privacy Policy section here is destined to give You an overview of the information we need from you and about how it is protected from the illegal use. We urge Our Clients to study the following Privacy Policy section before they pass on to the cooperation with Us.

    You accept the following information about the Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions. If You need additional information about the Privacy Policy issues, find Our Company's contact information on the Website and get in touch with one of Our online specialists.


    We have no official right to collect any private information from the persons who are not 18 yet. It is strictly prohibited to the Users under 18 to use Our Website and any of the Services offered by Our Company. As soon as We find out that the information presented by the User is not eligible because of the age limits, it will promptly be erased. We bear no responsibility in case if You’re not old enough to use the Website. You must be of legal age to be in line with Our Privacy Policy, as well as with Our Terms and Conditions.

    Alert Us in case if one of Your children under 18 is using Our Website trying to get access to our free and premium services. We’ll take measures to block access to Our Website from Your IP address. All affiliate websites cooperating with Our Company will be blocked for your child as well.


    Our Privacy Policy is a part of the agreement between the User and Our Company that implies thorough protection of the data You share with Us. You agree with Our Privacy Policy, as well as with the Terms and Conditions in the process of registration. We protect personal information in Your account following the rules and regulations mentioned in this section.

    Our Users must accept the conditions included in the current Privacy Policy section, thus giving Us their consent to:

    • Track Your activity on Our Website;
    • Collect the statistics about Your most preferred services;
    • Use Your personal information to make Our Website safer and more productive.

    Your acceptance of the Privacy Policy will become a legal basis for Us in case if any inconveniences occur. We need certain types of information, which will be sufficient and in line with the Terms and Conditions of Our Website.


    You are obliged to share this data with Us in the process of registration and in case if any alterations are applied to the Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions. The necessary information We need includes the following:

    • Full name;
    • Relevant address;
    • Relevant email address;
    • Your age, as well as Your DOB;
    • The details of your physical appearance;
    • Hobbies and preferences;
    • Occupation and professional characteristics;
    • Purpose of acquaintance;
    • Gender;
    • Weight and height;
    • Education;
    • Historical background;
    • Ethic and religious preferences;
    • Information about your family (your relationship status and attitude to having kids);
    • Your approximate annual income;
    • Your preferences for pets;
    • Favourite pastimes.

    The list can be longer depending on your wish to find the potential matching partner. Relevant information presented in Your account will help Us find you the best options. The better the description You provide Us with, the more efficient our cooperation will be.


    You can register on Our Website via social networks. It means that We will be able to access the information you post there voluntarily. In case if you choose to register with the use of personal information from one of Your accounts in social media, We will get access to the following information:

    • Name;
    • ID;
    • Profile pictures and photo albums;
    • Age;
    • Gender;
    • Nickname;
    • Languages spoken;
    • Place of origin;
    • DOB;

    We need the relevant information about Your geographical position to facilitate the process of order and payment for Our Services. When you enable Your geographic location, You start receiving more convenient and personalized offers with promotions, additional payment methods, and personalized advertisements for a more satisfying experience.


    User Content is everything a User creates o Our Website thus making this information accessible to the public and the Members of Our online platform. These are text posts, pictures, videos, and other media content available for posting within the limitations of Our Website.


    Your contact information allows the Users of Our Service contact you directly or via email or phone. This is considered private information and it can only be revealed as a part of a pre-paid service for Our Members.


    Technical information usually includes the following:

    • Login/nickname;
    • The IP address and the name of your device, as well as the name of your browser;
    • Times and dates of your online sessions;
    • Date of the registration;
    • Password;
    • Activities on Our Website;
    • Numerous technical issues concerning the use of JavaScript or anything else that can be helpful to You.

    We reserve the right to keep the billing information, but We don’t have complete access to the numbers of Your credit cards. Our Privacy Policy implies that we can store the following information about our Clients’ payment details:

    • Billing address;
    • IP address;
    • Card mask.

    These are basic payment details necessary for the cooperation with most online shops and services. Accept that Our Website can partially collect Your payment details and technical data. Our Clients provide most of the information intentionally.

    Our Website may also collect information and statistics about the way You use our payment system and other technical aspects. This information is only collected in the impersonated form and used for further analysis to enhance Your experience and make it more beneficial for You.


    The personal information that we collect and store can be accessed by the users and changed when needed. You can do the following to optimize and add new details to Your existing data:

    • Make changes in Your Profile;
    • Delete Your personal information or partially extend it with the help of Our Data Management system;
    • Contact our Support Team in case if you need help;
    • Subscribe and unsubscribe from Our email notifications.

    Note that in case if You unsubscribe from Our marketing offers sent via email, You will still be able to communicate with Our Management for marketing unrelated informational purposes.


    We do not use Your personal information for any other purposes except for the ones mentioned in this Privacy Policy section. We also never share Your data with third-party companies or people. This is considered illegal, and We have no rights to enforce the rules that do not correspond with the legislation of the state.

    All Members of Our Website will have access to Your personal information posted by You in Your account. No one will be able to make changes in it except for You. Our Support Team can also access your personal information to verify your age, as well as the legacy of Your activity on Our Website and the online platforms of Our affiliates.

    We rely on Your personal information to provide you with the marketing information and special offers depending on your preferences.

    We partially scan your data with the analytics tools and advertising services to find out about the effectivity of Our work and the functionality of Our Website. We do this to improve our Customer Service and not to identify Our Clients personally.

    We can use Your geographical location to help Our marketing and advertising partners post relevant advertisements on Our Website that will correspond with Your place of residence and Your needs.

    We use Your contact information only for communication with Our Support Team. We will never share Your contact information with anyone who can use it for marketing or promotion purposes.


    Our Duty is to keep Your account safe from the activity of the third parties. However, we can disclose your personal information from the account to the banks and other financial institutions if they establish proofs about the illegal commercial activity or criminal affairs performed by You. This information will be used only in purposes of identification.


    Each of Our Users has a possibility to suspend the account, delete, and restore it. Your personal information will be kept on the server archived for three years in case if You decide to restore the activity of Your account or if Your account was deleted by mistake. If you are not willing to keep Your personal information on the server, you allowed to erase it permanently. Nevertheless, you’ll have to wait for about thirty days until We manage to perform Your request.

    Note that the deletion of Your account will not affect the messages You have already sent to the Users of Our Website. Text information you have shared with the other Users of Our Website will be available to them. You should be careful while sharing Your data with the anonymous Members of the platform.

    We can also make Your data anonymous to make Your account safe from the statistical research and search engines. This way Your profile on Our Website will no longer be associated with Your full name or any other information that can identify You as a person online.


    We use HTTPS/TLS encryption to protect the personal information of Our Users. This technology guarantees 100% protection of Your data so that it will never be stolen or transferred anywhere without your permission.

    All payments and transactions performed through Our Website are secure because of the additional encryption and enhanced gateway. Remember that We are not responsible for the breaches of security caused by Your irresponsible actions or Our service suppliers.


    We have to use cookies on Our Website to improve Our Clients' experience. This improves the speed of work and effectivity of the online platform. We track the activity of the Users through cookies and use these statistics to improve the quality and number of the services. We analyze the behaviour of the Users to prevent unstable work of the Website and to improve its performance in overload periods.

    You can reject the cookies in Your browser or use the Website anonymously. However, disabling cookies will affect the work of the Website, so do it at Your risks.


    We study the behaviour patterns of Our Users and track the number of people in different parts of the Website. We do not identify the Users in any way, and this process is performed to analyze Our work and the work of the Website elements.


    We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy section and add more information to it. We are not obliged to notify the Users about the changes applied to the current Privacy Policy. It means that the Users are to check this section for themselves to find out more about the way their personal information is protected.

Last Updated: 01/10/2019