Single Kieu Nat Kha 24 y.o., from Kiev ID 970159

Choreographer, model, lingerie shop owner
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165 cm
50 kg
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(Taurus 23 Apr 1998
Not Religious
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About Myself

My name is Kieu Nat Kha. It is hard to pronounce, so my friends call me Kate.🙃 I am a Vietnamese woman who was born and raised in Ukraine. My parents moved here because of work many years ago. After the divorce, my mother stayed to live in Vietnam with my two brothers. What do you know about Vietnamese women?😉 Some men think dating these women can be tedious and monotonous, given their shy nature. Instead, Vietnamese ladies are known to be passionate and romantic regarding intimacy and sexual life. Their shyness isn’t a hindrance. However, given their fit shape, perfect bodies, and a great appearance alongside their cute faces, it’s hard not to have fantasies about them.😋 At the same time, Vietnamese girls are taught to look after their husbands and the house and respect their elders.
So like many Asian women, I am strong at heart. I am witty, seductive, joyful, and clever. I enjoy dating and can be both serious and playful. Also, I have self-respect and won’t waste my time with losers. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. But my soul wanted to dance, so I became a professional choreographer. When I dance, I work hard, which makes me feel good. It feels fantastic to feel tired after dancing, knowing you’re part of something unique. When I dance, I enjoy myself and try and get better every single time, losing myself in the music.💃 I work as a backup dancer for many famous Ukrainian performers. I am currently working with singer MARUV. I performed with her when she won the final of the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2019 with “Siren Song”.🤩 Due to my work, I have visited 25 countries. My dream is to visit the USA, Maldives, Seychelles, New Zealand, and Brazil. I am the kind of woman who can add a little nirvana to your toughest day. Do I make your heart beat faster? If so, drop me a message.😘



Dance is one form of true love! My friends say I am a “dancaholic” person; I am not sure if that’s even a word. But yes, if it exists, then it suits me. Dancing makes one high on life, and I don’t think you need to “get high” to dance rather, it’s dancing that makes you feel high! Also, I enjoy reading books, I am fascinated by travel, and music makes me feel relaxed.


About Partner (age 18 - 80)

My very first boyfriend told me I’m more compatible with a foreigner. And one of my coworkers said the same thing. Why? You may ask because I’m just freaking independent.😎 I tried hard to share the bills with my exes, and it wasn’t appreciated by them at all. That trait of me is a turn off to many local guys who care more about saving face in public. So going for a foreigner doesn’t mean that we seek a better life, we are a traitor or whatsoever, maybe we happen to meet a guy we like, and he’s non-Slavic.😏 Oh, and I forgot to mention that my Asian beauty (tanned skin, thick lips, etc.) suits the Western taste better, so I am accessible to date people worldwide.

Here are some features I like in men:

I adore it when someone is ambitious and has a strong will.
I value intelligent and clever men.
I’m keen on strong and confident males.
I appreciate men who can show their emotions and love.
I admire commitment and devotion.