Divorced Stella 36 y.o., from Chisineau ID 903632

Chisineau, Moldova  
children psychologist
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160 cm
53 kg
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(Leo 23 Jul 1986
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About Myself

I am honest, faithful and loyal. I hate lies and do not accept them in a relationship. I am reliable and kind. I keep on my promises and do not change my mind unless there is a reason for it. I am not moody. I have a kind heart and I can forgive. But I cannot forgive lies and cheating. For me, it is no way, and when it happens, it terminates the relationship. I am communicative and understanding. I think communication is the key, both in relationship in couple and with children. I am also fair, I like to give more than to receive, I understand well how important it is to think about the others and especially about your other half. I realize that you should treat your other half the way you want him to treat you. I will treat my man as my king, being gentle and sweet with him, spending quality time together, cooking and taking care for him, making him happy in and out of the bedroom. And I want to be his queen, the one whom he will cherish, love and respect for all of his life. I also like nature. My country, Moldova, is mostly an agrarian country, with beautiful warm sunny weather and beautiful nature. I grew up on a farm that my parents have, with a big vineyard and a cattle. So I am used to farm work and to life in nature, and would love to have a beautiful house in nature where I will live with my wonderful special man and my family in the future.



Outdoors, rest in nature (walks, hiking, swimming, mountains, walks on boat on a lake or a river, picnics, BBQ), cycling, attending a gym, healthy lifestyle, tennis (I am just learning), singing.


About Partner (age 35 - 70)

am very family-oriented and believe in traditional family and family values. For me, family is the biggest life priority, more important than career and money. I want to be a loyal and loving wife for my husband. I want to cherish and to respect him. And I also want to get his attention and his warm attitude towards me. I believe that a relationship is a partnership, where both partners are equal. I believe that partners should support each other in any life moment, and how strong their connection is, is revealed not when everything is good, but in the most difficult moments. I want my partner to never abandon me in such moments and promise to always be by his side. I am also a very romantic, affectionate and passionate woman. I would love us to spend a lot of time in private, to have magical evenings tete-a-tete, whether it could be a romantic walk or evening by campfire or a nice private dinner at home on a Friday night. I believe that spiritual connection is the most important, but I am also a mature and passionate woman, so I have a lot of love and passion to share with my man, to satisfy many of my desires and to make each other very happy in bedroom as well. I want us to have a simple but very enjoyable life. I want us to have our own small but cozy and comfortable home in a naturally beautiful place, to raise children in a good and peaceful atmosphere and to spend a lot of enjoyable quality time together!