Divorced Yana 42 y.o., from Kharkov ID 901124

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160 cm
51 kg
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(Capricorn 12 Jan 1980
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About Myself

I'd like us to discover all life delights together. It's my wish here and my reason to join the site.
Love doesn’t come automatically, it needs to be nurtured, right?
And the best way to do this is to make my hubby to know that every day he is the joy that drives me. Is my direction right?)
Here, at my age, it seems to be almost impossible to find a good man.
More, while traveling abroad I saw a lot of foreigners, I was pleasantly surprised by their manners and kind attitude to any female and it made my mind up to look for my partner out of the country. What was a push for you to look for a lady out of your country?
My ideal partner is a caring, good cook, trustworthy, openness and reliable man. Maybe you?)
Men cannot live without women and women cannot live without men so I think we both need each other with the help of love to survive. Love is a beautiful thing. Let's share it with you!



Would you like me to dance for you?)
For some years already I visit a dance studio, pole dance and also bachata) It's my big hobby and a great way to relax after work, also meet new people and just be carefree for a while)
Also I like to travel, list of countries I visited is quit big, and I'd like to enlarge it, maybe with you?)


About Partner (age 35 - 80)

Let our souls fly? Would you like us to share engulfing emotions together?
Do my words ignite at least a bit of your desire to know me better and get closer? I really hope so!
I am a strong woman but I want so much to put my head on a strong man's shoulder, to feel kisses, caresses, and to know I am cared for and protected.
I have a good life, I have nothing to complain about, I have well-paid work, which also leaves me enough time for my hobby, I have real friends, on who I can count any time, I have a loving family. And only one thing is missing... it's love... I wanna meet here a special man, as open as me, who can fulfill my life with purest and the most tender feelings.
I look after myself,I think for my age I still look pretty, yeah?)
I can keep any dialogue, no one ever abused me in boredom)
I can make you happy! To keep our love flame burning, I'll keep doing the small things that matter. Also, it involves respect, love, and loyalty. Would you mind I surprise you every day with special gifts? Whoever on Earth ever said no to that?)