Divorced Anastasia 30 y.o., from Odessa ID 800978

Speech therapist
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164 cm
54 kg
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(Pisces 08 Mar 1992
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About Myself

I am always shiny, happy and smiley, because I know that if you smile to life than it will definitely smile back at you. In my opinion, every person should have principals they follow to the whole life – this is something what builds a character. Mine principals are simple: be kind to others, try your best to make your loved ones happy, feel passion about everything you do. In my world there are no negative feelings and emotions, they are always transformed to something good by means of hard work, nice time spending, giving a hug to people I love. I think it is important to live in harmony and balance. Ever situation and issue can be solved with words, communication and compromises. I value other people’s opinion , like listening to them and always happy to learn something new. And I will add that there’s a lot I can teach other. So exchanging experiences is very important to me. And for you?



Being a curious girl, I always try to read, watch and listen to the latest news, find out about last investigations and discovers. It is great to be aware and to use the knowledge you get from the universe.
After knowing me better, you will notice that I am an emotional person, in a good sense. So one of my main passions is dancing, I’ve done it professionally in my youth and still love to dance. It is one of the greatest ways to express emotions as body language speaks a lot more than just words.
Of coursed taking into account my profession ( I am speech therapist) I love being around children and help them in their development. Each their success is my success and I am happy as a kid. This is so nice to be able to bring good into this world and see the gratitude of people is priceless.
There’s a lot to mention here, so will be happy to do in personal correspondence.


About Partner (age 35 - 65)

The one and only for me, who share my views on life , respects my principals and looks the same direction with me. Appearance does not matter to me, as I want someone to unite souls with, someone to laugh together, understand without words. It is something on spiritual level but also it’s important to have affection to each other and show it. If you think we can be a good match, you’re welcome into my life.