Single Tanya 24 y.o., from Lviv ID 698756

Insurance agent
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180 cm
64 kg
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(Pisces 16 Mar 1999
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About Myself

I dream of visiting many countries, if honestly I have been lonely for a long time and lately I have not been looking for a partner for myself ... but recently I decided to find a soul mate for myself who can support me and my interests and I decided for myself that I am ready to find a man and create relationships in another country and even ready to leave my country to start a family abroad material values are not important for me, the most important thing for me is mutual understanding and support of a partner... I have always loved sophistication and elegance, so modeling for me is more than just a hobby. I feel joy when I work with my hands and create something beautiful. If I have free time, I definitely model. It's a creative process that helps me de-stress and relax. I also really like to cook. It is not only tasty, but also useful for health. I always try to experiment with my dishes and make them unusual and original. I know that well-prepared food can bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness. In addition, I have always loved to read. This is my rest and an opportunity to learn something new. I love adventure, fantasy and romance books. Reading helps me find comfort and experience the depth and richness of our world. My third hobby is traveling. I always wanted to learn more about different cultures and traditions. I love discovering new places, tasting new food and meeting new people. It always inspires me and gives me energy. I also appreciate sports and fitness. I go to the gym regularly and keep my body in good shape and to be honest, I really like my figure)))



modeling, cooking, reading, traveling, make-up and fashion


About Partner (age 21 - 80)

If you are reading this text, then I am looking for you. I want to talk about what is important to me in a relationship and what kind of man I would like to have next to me. I will say right away that it is very important for me to have support from my husband, to be sure that at any moment I can rely on him. I love to talk about my successes and failures, but it's even more important for me to have support for what I'm doing. Sometimes I can be a little nervous or worried about little things, but having a loving person around makes me feel a lot better. It is also important for me that a man is ready to listen to me. I like to share my thoughts, feelings and ideas, but I also know how to listen to others. I believe that openness and the ability to talk about anything is the key to a successful relationship. And of course, I want to have a romantic man by my side. I like to feel special, receive compliments, signs of attention and surprises. I believe that small romantic gestures can add a lot of joy and emotion to any day. If you felt that you fit the qualities I mentioned, I would be happy to talk to you. If we realize that we have a lot in common, then maybe our meeting will be the beginning of something bigger.