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Single Anna 24 y.o., from Zaporozhye ID 633375

Ukrainian women anna from zaporozhye with Blonde hair age 24

Anna, 24

Zaporozhye, UA
Marital Status
Never been Married
160 cm
57 kg
Eyes Color
Hair Color
Body Type
05 Aug 1996
Level of English

About Myself

I am a gentle fragile blonde with huge green eyes. If you are looking for an angel, I am ready to become one. I can support you in difficult situations, help with advice and deed, be with you when you will achieve something and share with you the joy of your victories and achievements.
I'm quite an active person, I like to have fun with interesting people. I love sports, often on weekends, I biking in a forest with my friend. We have a large island reserve in the city, there are a continuous forest and many small paths along which it is so fascinating to travel and observe how the nature changes in different seasons.
I like to study - I like my specialty, I'm interested in human relationships and I hope to find an opportunity to develop professionally. Even if I have to devote my entire life to family and children, I believe that a woman should have a good education, so that her husband and children would be interested in her. That's why I'm trying very hard to get a university degree.
I also love cinema very much - it seems to me that this is the best kind of art in the world, where sound and picture were connected. It's like real life.



I am interested in sports, it is important for me to stay flexible and the strong, to be fit. I ride a lot on a bicycle, so I have beautiful legs and a thin waist)
I really addicted on the movie, I really like this kind of art. I admire the ability of directors to build everything as if this is real life. And the actors - who can sincerely devour emotions there. There is nothing better than spending evenings watching your favorite movies.
I really like to study - I study management, most of all I like the section of people management. I'm interested in how to make every employee went to work for pleasure)


About Partner (age 29 - 49)

I will soon finish my studies at the university and it's time to start a family. I do not want to waste my life on a temporary relationship. So I'm looking for a man who has serious intentions and is ready to create a family and have children. Who is ripe for a serious relationship, ready to devote his life to the only girl in the world. I'm looking for a man with a strong character who is capable of strong deeds. The man whom I will trust and who will never allow himself to betray me and our family. I'm looking for a man who realized himself as a professional who created his own business or in other ways reached a status in society. Such a man I can be proud of. I'm looking for a man who loves and appreciates his parents, who has many friends whom he is ready to support at any time.