Single Ilona-Ella 38 y.o., from Kiev ID 557398

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167 cm
56 kg
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(Pisces 18 Mar 1984
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About Myself

I bet you have seen lots and lots of profiles here and I know it well that most of them are very similar. And I do not want to be like others. I have lots of various interests and I can tell a lot about myself. But why would I? As we do not know each other at all! If you are reading this, that means you feel interested in me. If you want to know something about me, please feel free to ask my any questions personally, and I will be happy to get to know you better and tell you all things about me you want to know.



In fact, I like to do a lot of things and even more keep me interested and active. I like anything touching with creating things, I like reading books and watching interesting films, comedies and romantic ones are primitive and welcome, but the most I enjoy something what makes my mind work, maybe psychedelic? I like to read books, mostly historical novels and anything touching detective and adventures. I do not consider myself vanilla girl who that easy be under influence of couple romantic words and that’s why I try to keep myself from love in books, I prefer love in real live instead of paper one. I am not sure if I should mention my sympathy toward walking, sport, running, fitness because nearly everyone does these activities, I try to be more interesting and all the time is in search of something new.


About Partner (age 40 - 60)

Enough of heart games for me. Now I know what I want, I want a good and stable family life. I never demand from anyone anything he cannot do and I like to accept a man the way he is. Trough my life, I met many men who wanted to have a relationship with me, at leat they said so, but when the things came up to something more serious, they were not ready to that. I hope your intention here isserious? I so much want to love and to be loved. I want to meet a man who is definitely older than me because this is just my type. Who knows what love, trust and care mean. Someone who realized that being single to him is worth than to be with someone. I do not have much things to wish. Because I am about accepting people the way they are, if we match, we will feel that with no conditions! So, you do not have to be perfect, forget that white horse, you do not have to ride it here! I find being perfect too boring. And I am far not perfect myself. But I believe when you love someone, you love him or her with all the imperfect things he, she has! Just be a life lover with open heart, it is what I need!