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Single Juliya 28 y.o., from Alexandria ID 546267

alexandria brides juliya with Light Brown hair age 28

Juliya, 28

Alexandria, UA
Model, singer
Marital Status
Never been Married
163 cm
44 kg
Eyes Color
Hair Color
Light Brown
Body Type
01 May 1991
Still Studying
On Occasions
Level of English

About Myself

I am very romantic person. I have all the time in the movement, although sometimes give myself a break. But for me it is important to move, to do something, to be carried away by some business, because in this way I feel that I live. Every day I want to do something useful and significant, and I succeed. And I want everyone to be happy. Yes, I want and I can help people become happy; help psychologically. Maybe it seems unreal, but I believe that this is possible. And if you believe, and have a hankering to try to do it for maximum effort, all turns out!



I am very creative and versatile person. I'm interested in many things. I love to sing romantic soulful songs, sometimes I write songs where I describe their feelings and experiences. I also like to draw, especially painting portraits. I'm often drawing portraits of friends and family. I give them a souvenir for the holidays. To maintain physical fitness I dance. I like Latin-American dances, sports and ballroom. Dance not only improves physical fitness, but also gives the body flexibility, discharges from negative emotions, a lot of fun. I'm always fascinated by psychology. It's not just now my profession, but a hobby. I read a lot more interesting literature from psychology, human relationships, the psychological problem that occurs, and how to help them. I think life is varied and interesting, that's why every day I try to learn something new, learn something interesting and useful. After all, as the saying goes: "Who owns the information, owns the world".


About Partner (age 30 - 70)

I appreciate a lot of different aspects: loyalty, care, attention to each other, love, respect, support, honesty, sincerity, and others. For me it is important that my other half was interested in my life, supporting me in my endeavors, creative affairs. In turn, I too would be interested in and support a loved one. And it is important to have respect in a relationship, because removing the rose-colored glasses, we begin to see the other side of human nature that we do not always like it. In this case, it helps to take a person as he is, with all its good and not so good qualities. I know I need to work on the relationship, every day. This work is in the care, support and assistance. It can be something very large and significant, but made from the heart, that shows your relationship to the person.