Divorced Tatiana 40 y.o., from Munich ID 486193

Munich, Germany  
beauty saloon
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165 cm
58 kg
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(Capricorn 16 Jan 1983
Level of English

About Myself

I have been in the beauty and skincare industry for over 7 years. I am constantly evolving by taking continuing education and personal growth courses to keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies in my field. I sincerely believe that this work is my passion and calling.

However, I also dream of other opportunities, and I am ready to go to another country to create a new life for myself and continue my career. I want to stay in Germany or another country, get a work visa in the European Union or outside it, and be able to live and work in a different culture.

Besides, I want to start a family and give my son the best education. I love to travel and have already visited many beautiful places such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, UAE, Turkey and Egypt. But my travels don't end there. I want to see countries in Europe and Asia such as England, USA and many others.

I believe that life is an adventure and I am ready to keep up with the times, ready for new challenges and opportunities. I will be happy to meet new people and create my own story.



One of my favorite hobbies is baking. I love experimenting with different recipes and creating delicious desserts for my friends and family. In my opinion, baking is an art that allows me to express my creativity and enjoy the process of creating delicious dishes.

In addition, I am also learning German. I have always loved languages and it seems to me that the knowledge of several languages can be very useful in our time. The German language is of particular interest to me because it sounds very nice and is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe.

In addition, I love to play sports. I believe that physical activity is very important for health and good mood. I prefer outdoor activities such as running, cycling and yoga.

Finally, I regularly attend personal growth trainings. I believe that in our world it is very important to constantly develop and improve yourself. Personal growth training helps me to better understand myself, my values and goals, as well as acquire new skills and knowledge.

In general, my hobbies give me pleasure and help me to be happy and healthy. I am sure that each of us can find his hobby and devote time and attention to it.


About Partner (age 35 - 75)

My partner is very important to me, and I am looking for a pleasant man with whom I will be comfortable talking on any topic. I believe that when people are in a relationship, they should have open and honest communication in order to respect and understand each other.

I need a man who will listen to me and understand my thoughts and feelings. I always tell the truth and expect the same from my partner. I am looking for a man whom I can trust and whom I can rely on in any situation. I cannot live in a relationship where there is room for lies and deceit, so I need a person who values honesty and openness in a relationship.

In addition, it is important for me that my partner has his own interests and hobbies. I want us to be able to learn about each other and grow together. I believe that mutual understanding and mutual respect between partners is the key to a successful and happy relationship.

In general, I am looking for a man who will support me, respect and love me for who I am. I believe that I will find such a partner and live happily with him.