Divorced Victoria 38 y.o., from Dresden ID 411686

Dresden, Germany  
Travel agency owner
Marital Status
168 cm
55 kg
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(Taurus 09 May 1985
Level of English

About Myself

❤️ I'm a girl who loves people and appreciates the world around me. Making friends comes naturally to me, and I value open and honest communication. Meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversations broaden my horizons and deepen my understanding of the world. I strive to be open-minded and adaptable because our world is constantly evolving. Kindness and modesty define my character, and I hold my friends in high regard, frequently spending time with them. Family is of utmost importance to me, and I believe in the pillars of respect, kindness, loyalty, and love as the foundation of a strong familial bond. Growing up in a loving and harmonious family, I understand the secrets of happiness and fostering mutual understanding.

The man in my life will hold a special place. Sharing experiences and supporting others brings me joy, and I am always ready to lend a helping hand. I'm organized and value punctuality, finding satisfaction when things fall into place according to schedule. I'm a hard worker who never gives up easily.



❤️ Nature captivates me in all its forms, and I find solace in morning jogs surrounded by fresh air. Returning home, I indulge in the pleasure of making the most flavorful coffee. Cooking is another passion of mine, and I excel not only in a medical gown but also in a kitchen apron—I can whip up delicious meals with ease. I'm an avid reader and cherish evenings spent immersed in a good book. Additionally, I enjoy watching quality movies and listening to music, although my neighbors might sometimes appreciate my taste in music a little too much!


About Partner (age 34 - 72)

❤️I'm seeking a man who possesses a touch of adventure and is willing to support me in my endeavors. A great sense of humor is a must, as there's nothing sexier to me than a man who can make me smile and laugh. I long for someone who will take care of me, someone who will pick me up from work or accompany me in the morning, someone who will simply call to ask how I'm doing. With such a man, I want to feel like a cherished kitten who craves affection but also a passionate lioness who desires fiery passion. My intention is to find true love, someone with whom I can wake up every morning and embrace the joy of each day. I'm not searching for a superhero; rather, I seek a normal, reliable, and faithful man with whom I can build a serious and fulfilling relationship that will mark a new chapter in our lives. My ultimate desire is to find happiness, to love, and to be loved in return.