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Divorced Elena 33 y.o., from Kherson ID 401113

Beautiful Ukrainian woman elena from kherson with Blonde hair age 33

Elena, 33

Kherson, UA
bank manager
Marital Status
169 cm
56 kg
Eyes Color
Hair Color
Body Type
09 Jun 1985
Level of English

About Myself

We are all so different and unique in our own ways. Each of us has something special inside and something to impress others with. Yet, it’s all true I also have that something special inside of me and I want you to find out what exactly it is.
My name is Elena and I must say that it’s a famous name all around the world. Even though it’s a word of Greek origin and basically means “a sun ray” nowadays women all around the world carry this name. What can I say I am very lucky to be named this way.
I am truly a “sun ray”. I like to smile a lot and bring people happiness. I’m always positive and never give up. Everywhere I go I take my positive attitude with me and make sure I take the best of every day. We only live once so we have to cherish every second of our lives, well, I personally make sure even those who are in trouble have some rest and take their time to enjoy the life. I’m a true keeper and I want to make sure that the man I will love have everything that makes him happy.
I’m a very cheerful and easygoing person. I never have any troubles with finding the topic to talk about even if I talk to a complete stranger. So now you know that it’s never boring with me. I’m always making sure everything around me is going good and I have fun.
Right now I just need a man to be happy and to share all my positive emotions with. I know my happiness is right around my corner waiting for me.



If there was a committee of the most active people I would have definitely been the head of it. Furthermore, if they were giving out the prizes for the most exciting and thrilling adventures I could have definitely taken the first place.
I like to travel a lot. There are so many places I’ve seen in my life and there are still so much that I have and want to see.
Would you be surprised at the fact that I want to make travelling my hobby? I want to visit all countries in the world with my family and to make a lot of family pictures.
So talking about my current hobbies I have to say that I go from the adventurous hiking or camping right to the pleasant summer trips to the sea. I never do the same things again, one day I want to feel the beauty of the nature and wildlife and go high up in the mountains and the next time I simply want to relax, wear beautiful swimming suit and enjoy the hot sun on my skin.
I also like exploring my native city and take beautiful pictures of it.
But I can also be romantic and all about home and comfort person. I like watching movies, laying under the warm blanket and enjoying hot tea.
That is so true, I am a very diverse and captivating person. All the days of my life aren’t the same.


About Partner (age 35 - 75)

We all want that perfect someone to spend our lives with. Lot of people are looking for their soul mate nowadays. But I believe that love and loving is the way and more than just finding that person, it’s all about keeping what you two have and growing the feelings every day.
I am looking for a man who knows what he wants in life. I’m a serious woman and I don’t like to play with person’s heart or emotions. My man should be the same way. Only strong, educated and mature man can give his woman all she needs.
Well, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a caring and funny man around me. Someone who knows how to simply put me in the better mood when I feel a little upset would definitely win my heart.
I need a man who likes to crack a joke once in a while, I believe that laugh is the best medicine and it definitely makes our lives way better and longer.
If you feel like I just have described your character, don’t hesitate and write me. I am waiting for my ideal man, maybe it’s you?