Single Stasya 26 y.o., from Kiev ID 388703

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163 cm
54 kg
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(Leo 16 Aug 1997
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About Myself

I am wise, kind, feminine. I think I am far away my age that's why I have friends who are much older than me, I find it interesting to discuss family, travelling, books, new cinemas, jazz concerts with them, than just hanging out in the club and drink cocktails. I like red wine, but just a sip of it would be enough for relaxation and forgetting how hard the week was.
My dream is to become a doctor, I have a medical degree, but right now work in a kindergarten as a babysitter, I love my job cause I work with the best if society- kids, I think anyone would dream to be with kids all day long. I am always admired by their creativity, development, growth, this is so fun to help them go on their life path. They love me just for who I am and no masks needed. Wish it was so easy with adults. While we are kids we accept everything with open eyes and we are pure. With time we grow up, we change, get hurt, close up in our shells, sometimes do even really bad things- like cheating, lying, all for nothing, in the end we feel miserable. I wish every adult could save a little bit of kid's pureness...I hope you have this in you!!



Though young I understand what kind of relations I want. First of all I want long-lasting relations with total commitment from both sides-you and me. what does it mean? It means we care for each other deeply, love each other, are involved in each other's life, support each other, don't lie, don't cheat, no violence! I dream of a calm life with just one person in my life. The moment I know you are my man you will meet my family, friends, I live in a small town, but we are good people and hope you will feel this while visit!


About Partner (age 25 - 50)

I believe that if there was a man next to me who shares my views, with the same goals as me, we would be able to change this world for the better.

I really need a partner who will be kind in soul and heart. With whom it will be easy and comfortable for me, the one who will not be offended if I joke, and the one who will support me in any situation.

It is with such a man that I am sure that I can become happy and bring happiness into his life too !!!!