Divorced Alena 39 y.o., from Nikolaev ID 333792

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167 cm
55 kg
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(Sagittarius 17 Dec 1982
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About Myself

I can say that loving kindness is the best trait of mine. Everything else comes from that. If you truly love yourself, and others, you will be kind. I am also honest, because it is unkind not to be. I am generous, because it is unkind to be selfish. I am focused, because i am devoted to doing the right things, and i have moderation, because i realize that loving kindness means balance. I have thirst for knowledge. I am curious to know more about everything that interests me. I believe that ability to ask questions and go looking for answers is important for developing yourself



There is one new hobby that i learned not so long ago- it is an arm knitting. It is the newest micro-trend to hit the craft scene, you don't need knitting needles, just use your arms. With a wide range of super-chunky yarn, you can create fun and colorful scarves, shawls and blankets, the bigger, the better, and always super quick to knit. The best part of this is that it take really less time, something like 1 hour or so for a single-bed blanket. Unlike regular needle knitting, there is no turning of the work - instead you are simply working through the stitches from your right arm and passing the new stitches onto the left. When you're finished with a row, you simply change to the opposite direction, working through the stitches on the left arm to pass them over to the right! I don't know if this information tells you something, but if you follow the fashion or just want to make your bedroom more cozy, you will like it too!


About Partner (age 35 - 68)

It is complicated to tell what kind of man i want to see by myself for the rest of my life. I have no exact type of such man. However, i definitely know that i want a rectilinear man. there are many people who talk behind someone\'s back. Come on if you wanna talk something about me, have the guts to talk to my face directly. I don't like those men who boast. If you achieve something, let other people praise you. Otherwise, it shows that your not confident in your own abilities. There are many men nowadays who are trying to "buy" a girl talking only about their IPhones and money. I prefer to be with a down to earth man who knows his own worth.