Single Valeria 40 y.o., from Kharkov ID 247113

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168 cm
59 kg
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Body Type
(Virgo 27 Aug 1982
On Occasions
Level of English
With Difficulties

About Myself

As people like to write in the CV: I am sociable and responsible. But it’s truth about me. I like talking and listening and enjoy meeting new people. I am also responsible person, I always keep my word and I appreciate honesty. I am good manager I think, at work and in every day life I am really good in solving different situations. I know that meeting a man here could bring some obstacles like distance or language differences but there is no situation that I won’t be able to solve, believe me. Same time I am quite sentimental and romantic person. I could cry when it comes to sad or happy situations. Tears of happiness is about me! I am emotional person in relationships and I don’t like to hide my real feelings. I like romance and special moments but real simple every day life is also for me! It’s only in our hands to make every day of life happy.



My work is my biggest hobby actually. I own a clothes store now and I am very happy with this business. Like every lady I like beautiful clothes and my idea of business started with my interest in shopping and design. I was able to turn this hobby into business and that is why I go to work every time with pleasure. Besides that I am very interested in creating handmade things like sewing, embroidering. I also like cooking for my close people. I like sports, in warm time of the year I like running and doing exercises just on the stadium. In winter I go to the gym. I love nature a lot. I live in the big city and that is why my favorite way to spend weekend is to escape from the city jungles to nature to get some fresh air. And also I like musical concerts a lot. No record could be compared for me to the live musical concert. I love poetry and in my young ages I even tried to write poems, but now I prefer to read beautiful romantic poems.


About Partner (age 40 - 60)

I am looking for a life partner. I need equal relationships in all meaning of this word. I want to love and to be loved same time. I want to find man who will respect and take care and I will do the same. I see my future relationships only like a couple of equal partners who want to make each other lives happy. I don’t have exact list of requirements for my future man. I prefer to let it to my heart to tell me if I like this man or not. I don’t have any preferences in nation, skin color, hairstyle and so on. I appreciate men for their inner world and I believe that real beauty is inside.