Single Oxana 37 y.o., from Kiev ID 211138

Kiev, Ukraine  
fitness trainer
Marital Status
Never been Married
175 cm
60 kg
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12 Mar 1984
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About Myself

There is no person who would be like an island by itself, each person is a part of the continent. And if my love is part of another continent, then I will unite all continents, just to be together with my beloved.

Who am I? I am a woman, I am ready for much for the sake of a single feeling, a feeling of love. Unfortunately, I saw a lot of people, but I never found my love.
I am very emotional, a volcano is raging in me, and sometimes I am quiet, as if all the winds in the world at one moment stopped blowing. I am wildly active, but sometimes I prefer to stay in bed. I am a living person, I do not have a certain state for life, but I know for sure that I will brighten up the life of any person if he wants it.
And I am also used to sleeping in special pajamas, you would say that I am not wearing anything, but for me this is the most comfortable "clothing" for sleeping.

I have a lot of work, from investigative reporting to yoga classes with my girls. But I really want to forget about all my affairs and dream of meeting my man!
I'm open! My strings are taut! My violin is playing an invitation melody!



I am writing these lines, reading other lines. Oddly enough, my favorite pastime is reading. Classics, fiction, historical novels, detective stories, psychology, philosophy. Everything from Jack London to Agatha Christie, from Socrates' dialogues to Kant's criticism. Moreover, I write stories for news programs and texts for advertisements.

Looking at me, you can be sure that I am doing sports. I'm a fitness trainer))) Get ready for my workouts. When I do sports, I put my soul into it. This is called harmony between soul and body.

Youth is always looking for a new path, a new home, a new love. Now I still travel. I was in the steppes of the Tundra, lying on the beach of sunny Bali, playing football with African kids, feeding the tribes near the Amazon with chocolate. Now my path has taken me to this site.

I am not limited to one lesson. I prefer to enjoy everything. Especially from love.


About Partner (age 30 - 80)

Soon your path will be illuminated by the biggest star!
After all, what you ignite in others must burn in you. I want to see in my partner a real person, a person who will enjoy life with me.
I will not write about the types of appearance, arms and legs are already good, the main thing is that there is a heart. It is important that this heart is big, that this heart loves the whole world. As a result, if I love my partner, then I love the whole world.
I am looking for a free person, I want to see in my partner a desire for life. Only then will I melt in his hands like ice cream in the scorching sun.