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Addresses hot Ukraine women valeria from kharkov with Blonde hair age 24

Valeria, 24

Kharkov, UA
Marital Status
Never been Married
162 cm
45 kg
Eyes Color
Hair Color
Body Type
31 Oct 1993
Still Studying
Level of English

About Myself

I am easy going and optimistic girl with family values. When I achieve my goals I am used to never giving up. That is why I have chose to do sports and study languages. I am adventurous person, especially if it relates to some interesting facts and knowledge's, I like to learn something new every day and share learned information with other people, I find it really interesting to discover something new every day! My lifestyle is healthy and I have healthy nourishment either, but at times I like indulge myself with something sweet, chocolate for example. I don't drink at all, even at holidays, I think that alcohol is very harmful for woman's health, also I have never smoked. I adore green and black tea especially with bergamot or milk. Although I am young but I don't visit clubs and places just like that, I don't see nothing interesting in wasting time so. I like Art exhibitions and museums, it is really I want to create a family with serious and loyal man, I will be only with one man all my life because I am not used to giving up and I will be with him in spite of anything. He will always feel my support and love, it goes without saying. I never throw my words to the wind because I am very responsible and serious woman and any other people I have and advantages and disadvantages. I have never tried to be perfect and I am waiting for someone who will accept me as I am. I have kind heart, but I will never let anyone to hurt my feelings. I am very honest girl and I appreciate when people are tell the truth. The world is beautiful, and I am happy living here!



I am interested in Languages and I would love to learn Chinese and Spanish. I like to do sports. I cant imagine my life without reading because is much more interesting than movies. I like cooking, especially I love being on the nature and near the sea. I am very interested in the Celtic culture. I like listen to music especially Indies Rock. I like to draw and write poems, but only when I feel inspiration. I like to spend my time with family and friends. I prefer cultural rest to night life, because when you develop spiritually you you know how to appreciate important things in your life.


About Partner (age 30 - 50)

I am looking forward a man who has family values and will appreciate me as a woman. I will never be with someone who doesn't tend to be opened and honest to me, because honesty and sincerity is basement of true and strong relationships. I am not looking for someone who is perfect because I will accept my man as he is, with all him advantages and disadvantages, I just need to be with man who is ready for changes in life and who will become a part of my life. I want to be with man who appreciates non-material things in life and going to be with one woman for the rest of life.