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Aquarius Woman: Five Steps to Her Heart

Men dating Aquarius women consider them a real paradox. They are unstable and this is what makes them confusing. However, they are also sensitive and thoughtful. Let's get deeper into it to help you understand the issues from the inside

They are eccentric

They are often unpredictable and they keep most of the ideas unspoken. The best way to attract Aquarius Women on dates is to be a bit unpredictable. No, they are not freaky – they are bohemian goddesses searching for fresh air and inspiration. Being conventional will be your greatest fault. If you're unable to be impressive, stay away from Aquarius girls not to experience disappointment.

Additionally, don't make her too many compliments. An Aquarius woman knows she's attractive and she doesn't need anyone's appreciation or approval. Besides, complimenting is one of the most primitive ways to attract her attention.

They are sensitive

Her imagination and sensuality should be stimulated all the time. As soon as she's in constant search of inspiration, she needs something extraordinary. The best ideas for the first date with an Aquarius woman can be:

  • A contemporary art museum;
  • A restaurant with Caribbean food;
  • A folk music concert;
  • An art class;
  • A dancing class.

Don't try to control an Aquarius woman

A woman like this hates bonds. It's quite common that she does not want to have a family. It may even happen that she has completely no plans for you, because she may be simply experimenting. Aquarius women are all about improvisation. That's the reason why you shouldn't be too pushy with her. This will cool her feelings. Never speak about kids or family on the first day until you know more about a girl you're communicating with.

Be prepared for a volatile nature

She's irregular in her decisions and promises. It's not because she's a liar – she's just fond of experimenting. Almost all Aquarius women are people persons. They adore socializing and producing an impression on everyone in the crowd. They can easily have a lot of men friends. However, she's always faithful to partners – she just likes to circulate and socialize.

Aquarius women are stubborn in everything they want and don't want to do

They are logical and intelligent and they are not interested in other people's points of view in case if they are not justified. They have ambitions and they are very strong. They are not housewives – they are generators of ideas. If you choose an Aquarius woman as an employee, you'll never be disappointed.

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